Cynthia Astle

Religion Journalist


A.A., English, St. Petersburg College


  • Award-winning journalist who covered religion for 25 years
  • Former managing editor of The Progressive Christian magazine
  • Author of a number of books on faith and religion, including "Believing Is Seeing"
  • Certified spiritual director


Cynthia B. Astle is a certified spiritual director and professional journalist and editor. Her work in religion writing has won many national and international awards over the past 25 years. She served as the managing editor of The Progressive Christian, a magazine and multimedia forum for socially concerned Christians and religious leaders. 

In addition to traveling the globe to report on religion, Cynthia has authored a number of books, including "Believing Is Seeing," "God Trusted a Woman: Leadership Lessons from the Life of Dr. Frances M. Alguire," and "Visible Witness: A Journey of Faith, Love and Justice."

Cynthia was certified as a lay speaker in The United Methodist Church and has been a member of the Order of Saint Luke, a dispersed monastic association of men and women devoted to liturgical scholarship and sacramental life.


Cynthia earned her A.A. in English and journalism from St. Petersburg College and studied religion and English at the University of North Texas.

Awards and Publications

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