Crystal Attraction - Why You're Attracted to a Particular Crystal

What Does it Mean When You Are Attracted to a Particular Gemstone?

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Ever wonder why you are attracted to a particular stone and not another? Being attracted to crystals or rocks is not all that different from those times when we were drawn to certain people who have formed our friendships and relationships. You will feel a magnetic pull or strong desire to touch or pick up a gemstone when you see it. Keep in mind that a stone you are drawn to may not necessarily be shiny or pretty. Although a stone may look very plain it will not go unnoticed. Rather than its outward appearance, it will be the vibration, the crystal healing properties within the stone, that will compel you to touch it. Being attracted to crystals and gemstones will happen more and more as you learn to be open to receiving vibrational healing energies.

Gifting Someone with a Crystal for Healing

You may also feel a strong impulse to gift someone with a specific gemstone. Nature will manage to deliver the right stone that is needed to heal or support you or someone else you know in creative ways. For example, after picking up a stone that caught your attention, it won't be until you handle it that your friend Sally will enter your thoughts. You will intuitively know that this stone wants to belong to Sally. As if by magic you have been recruited to deliver the healing energies that will help her. How cool is that? You don't even have to tell Sally that you are delivering a healing to her. Simply tell Sally that the stone made you think of her and you would like her to have it. It is the truth after all.

Sensitivity to a Stone's Energies

Discovering what a stone's talent or purpose is can often be realized by simply holding it and feeling its energies. Sensitivity to energies or vibrations can vary from person to person. But, all you have to really know is that if a stone feels right when you handle it, grasp it tightly and take it home with you. If it feels icky or flat, leave it behind, it is not for you. It is likely meant for someone else who you don't know.

What to Do if You Can't Afford a Gemstone

If you have found a gemstone for sale in a store that feels right and yet you realize that you cannot afford it, well then you will have no choice but to leave it behind. You may not be able to keep it but the stone itself will not be stingy with its healing properties. If it is locked in a display case tell the salesperson that you would like to inspect the stone. Handling the stone is perhaps all you need to do. The stone will likely transfer a vibrational healing to you while you are handling it.

No Worries!

Don't sweat it if you cannot keep a particular stone. It has often been said that a stone can never be owned, that we are merely caregivers of stones. A stone will clear a pathway to make its way to you if it is truly meant for you. Because many stones carry similar energies you can try to raise or lower your personal vibration to match the energy you felt when you held that elusive stone that you had to go home without. You can do this during your meditation practice or quiet time. Mimicking the vibration will help another appropriate stone to find its way to you. Happy rock collecting!

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