7 Cool and Unusual Advent Calendars

Whisky Advent Calendar. Drinks by the Dram

There are all sorts of ways to count down to Christmas. You can lower your stress and you cross things off your huge to-do list; you could even find an app for your phone. But for a much more interesting countdown, try an Advent calendar.

Advent calendars were first created in the 19th century to count down the days of Advent — the period of waiting leading up to Christmas. The idea sprang from a popular tradition in which German Protestants would light candles or make chalk marks on doors to mark the days leading up to Christmas, reports Mental Floss.

Early calendars featured nativity scenes with little doors that opened — one for each day — to reveal a Bible verse, religious image or a piece of chocolate. While these traditional, religious calendars are still easy to find, the Advent calendar business has certainly broadened its appeal.

Here's a look at some of the more interesting options available if you want to count the days until Dec. 25.

Crafty countdown

These crafts don't require a glue gun. Honest Brew's craft beer Advent calendar is popular this year, but it's only available in the U.K. If you're shopping elsewhere, you still have great options for a craft beer creation. Craft Advent Box sells an empty, decorated box above that you fill with your (or the recipient's) favorite beers ... but it's already sold out. But really, how hard would it be to make your own DIY beer box? At the bottom of the page, the company also links to small breweries that sell beer-filled Advent boxes, like WhichCraft in Austin, Texas. (Prices vary.)

Wine down to Christmas

grocery store wine bottles holiday
's wine Advent calendar box features 12 different varieties of red, white and sparkling wine. Aldi

For the first time in the U.S., the grocery-chain Aldi is selling its famous wine Advent calendar box. It features 24 mini bottles of wine that each hold 6.37 ounces. There are two bottles each of prosecco, chardonnay, chenin blanc, sauvignon blanc, white zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, pinot grigio, malbec, shiraz, red blend, merlot and sauvignon blanc from countries around the world. Aldi is also selling a cheese advent calendar for a perfect pairing alongside the wines. The company said when the stores sell out, they will not restock the Advent boxes.

Festive fishing

Fly Fisherman's Advent Calendar
The Fly Fisherman's Advent Calendar offers hand-tied flies behind each little door. FalvaiCreative/Etsy

It might not be fly fishing season everywhere around Christmastime, but that doesn't mean fly fishers can't unwrap some fun gifts in December. Billed as the first Fly Fishing Advent Calendar, this waterproof box features 24 doors, each of which opens to reveal a hand-tied freshwater fly. (Price: $55.05)

Say it with spirits

Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar
These tiny bottles pack a punch. Drinks by the Dram

When chocolate and toys just won't do, surprise the alcohol connoisseur on your list with a gift from Drinks by the Dram. The company's popular Whisky Advent Calendar features "24 of the most thrilling whiskies known to humankind" including a 50-year-old Scotch, as well as Irish and American beverages. If you prefer other spirits, choose from bourbon, rum, tequila, cognac and more. (Price: $149.95 pounds or roughly $200 U.S.)

The kid classic

Lego Star Wars Advent calendar
It's hard for kids not to cheat and open doors early when it comes to Lego. Lego.com

Lego Advent calendars are so popular they're often hard to find as it gets closer to the first of December each year. The traditional calendars used to feature everything from trees and reindeer to Santa on the last day, but now there are several variations including Lego Friends and Lego Star Wars. (Price: $29.99 and up)

Pet presents

dog with dog treat advent calendar
Your four-legged pal should have fun too. FalvaiCreative/Etsy

Don't leave out your furry friends this holiday season. Etsy has several handcrafted calendars for pets; some come filled with treats and others are reusable, where you insert your own favorites year after year. This Dog Treat Advent Calendar by FalvaiCreative features beef, salmon and peanut butter treats. (Price: $31.44)

Tea time

tea lovers advent calendar from Williams Sonoma
This wooden box can be reused year after year. Williams Sonoma

Every day starts with a different cup of tea with this Fortnum & Mason Tea Lover's Advent Calendar from Williams Sonoma. Behind each of the 24 doors there's a different tea sourced from India and the Far East, "from delicate Kotada Silver Tips to intense Menghai Dayi Royal Puer." Refill the box next year with your own favorites. (Price: $56.95; only available online)

Kindness calendar

Kindness Advent Calendar
This calendar costs nothing but kindness. Make Today Happy

If the ideas above seem a bit excessive and expensive, here's an alternative: go online and print out a Kindness Calendar. Instead of opening up chocolate, bath bombs or beer every day, you can do something nice instead. These random acts of holiday kindness "embrace the true season of Christmas," says Helen C. Green, whose calendar was downloaded more than 500,000 times last year. This year she has a version for adults and kids available on her website. (Price: Free, of course)

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