Expressing Gratitude to Your Guardian Angel

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Your guardian angel (or angels) work hard to faithfully care for you during your entire lifetime on Earth! Guardian angels protect you, guide you, encourage you, pray for you, deliver answers to your prayers, notice and record your choices, and even help you when you're sleeping. So whenever you contact your guardian angel during prayer or meditation, it's important to express your gratitude for all that great service. Giving thanks to your guardian angel will bless your angel and help you develop a closer relationship with him or her.

Send Blessings to Your Angel

Just as a human friend who helps you appreciates it when you thank him or her, your guardian angel will also appreciate you noticing and giving thanks for the many ways he or she works in your life. Making time to express gratitude to your guardian angel will help you build a two-way friendship with that hardworking angel who loves you.

Positive Energy Attracts Angels

Since holy angels vibrating pure, positive light energy through the universe, they are naturally attracted to positive energy reaching out to them from the people on Earth who are seeking God and trying to grow in holiness. Whenever you express gratitude, you send positive energy out into the universe, attracting the attention of holy angels in the process.

Giving thanks actually strengthens the energy field around you, which raises the rate at which your personal energy vibrates, making it easier for you to sense the presence of angels around you. You can sometimes see your energy field visually; it's called your aura. Inside your aura, the various colors are constantly changing as the health of your body, mind, and spirit changes. Angels have extremely powerful auras (which are often represented in art as halos) and they can use those energy fields to immediately sense your thoughts and feelings of gratitude toward them.

Listing Points of Gratitude

It can help to come prepared with a list of some specific things you're especially grateful for right now in your life. Do you have family and friends who love you? Are you enjoying good health? Does your job give you opportunities to use your talents? Don't take anything for granted.

When you pray or meditate, simply mention specific blessings, one at a time, to your guardian angel and express your gratitude to your angel and the God your angel serves for bringing those blessings into your life.

Offer Gratitude for Recently Answered Prayers

Thank your guardian angel (and God) for answering some specific prayers that you'd prayed about lately.

If you can recognize the role that your guardian angel played in delivering answers to your prayers, tell your angel that you've noticed and express your gratitude. This will strengthen the bond between you.

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