Voices or Music Guardian Angels May Send During Prayer or Meditation

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Your guardian angel may send you a message of sounds you can hear audibly while you're contacting him or her through prayer or meditation. From beautiful music to a voice that speaks a special message, the sounds that your guardian angel sends you are often meant to catch your attention. Here are some of the different types of audible messages your guardian angel may send you:

A Ringing Noise in Your Ears

Since angels often transmit information to you through electromagnetic energy, you may hear a ringing sound in one or both of your ears during prayer or meditation with your guardian angel. Unlike the ear ringing noise caused by medical conditions, however, the ringing sound that angelic energy causes is gentle, not harsh. If you hear it, you'll feel peaceful rather than agitated.

It’s a high-pitched sound because angelic energy vibrates on a high frequency. The information that angels send is contained in energy that must be slowed down for humans to understand its message. So if your guardian angel is sending a lot of information through these electrical impulses from the spiritual realm to you in the physical realm, you may hear a ringing noise until the frequency slows down enough for you to make sense of what the message is saying.

Voices Speaking to You

When your guardian angel wants to emphasize the importance of a message, he or she may speak that message out loud to you, inspire people you know to tell you something you need to hear, or direct your attention to media that's broadcasting a message that's especially relevant to you. Spoken messages contain some keywords or phrases that your angel wants you to understand and apply to your life.

You may hear your angel's voice directly. For example, if you're facing a situation that's dangerous and you don't realize it, your angel may warn you audibly about it to get your attention in an effort to protect you from danger. You may hear a disembodied voice call your name or speak an urgent message aloud. Or, if you're worried or depressed about something, your angel may give you much-needed encouragement by speaking loving words that you can hear audibly.

If a friend or family member tells you something that’s just the message you need to hear at that particular time, that person may have been inspired to do so by your guardian angel sending the idea to talk to you about it.

When you listen to a song or talk show streaming online or tune into a radio or television broadcast and hear a message that is especially relevant to your life at that time, it may be because your guardian angel has motivated you to pay attention to that particular form of media at that particular time.

Heavenly Music Playing

The sound you'll likely hear most often when communicating with your guardian angel is music. Angels love music, and many religious texts report that heaven--their home--is full of beautiful music. When your guardian angel sends you a musical message, it may in the form of instrumental music or singing.

If the sounds are supernatural, they will be more stirring than anything you've ever heard before on Earth. The music will fill the air around you, even though there's no natural source of it (such as a radio) nearby. You will likely feel the music, as well as hear it. The sounds will resonate throughout your body so that you feel as if your soul is harmoniously connected to the music. Also, the music will stir powerful emotions within you.

Your guardian angel may also choose to switch on an electronic device such as a computer, mobile phone, or radio to play human music if there's a particular song playing that triggers memories of someone or something about which you've been praying.

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