Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Asking Questions

Guidance, Wisdom, and Encouragement During Prayer or Meditation

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Your guardian angel loves you, so he or she is interested in what interests you and is glad to help you explore answers to your questions -- especially when you can grow closer to God in the process. Whenever you contact your angel during prayer or meditation, it's a great opportunity to ask questions about many topics. Guardian angels love to give guidance, wisdom, and encouragement. Here's how to ask your guardian angel questions about your past, present, or future:

Your Angel's Job Description

Your guardian angel will answer questions in the context of his or her job description -- everything that God has assigned your angel to do for you. That includes protecting you, guiding you, encouraging you, praying for you, delivering answers to your prayers, and recording the choices you make throughout your lifetime. Keeping this in mind can help you figure what types of questions to ask your angel.

However, your guardian angel may not know the answers to all of your questions, or God may not allow your angel to answer certain questions that you ask. So it's important to know that, while your angel wants to give you information that can help you progress in your spiritual journey, he or she likely won't reveal everything that you'd like to know about any topic.

Questions About Your Past

Many people believe that each human being has at least one guardian angel who watches over him or her for a lifetime. So your guardian angel may have been close by your side throughout your entire life so far, watching over you as you experienced the joy and pain of all that's ever happened in your life up until now. That's a rich history you and your angel have shared! So your guardian angel will likely be well prepared to answer questions about your past, such as:

  • "When have you protected me from a danger that I wasn't aware of?" (If your angel responds, you can this opportunity to thank your angel for the great care he or she has given you in the past.)
  • "What past wounds do I need to heal from (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically), and how can I best seek God's healing for those wounds?"
  • "Who do I need to forgive for hurting me in the past? Who have I hurt in the past, and how can I best apologize and seek reconciliation?"
  • "What mistakes do I need to learn from, and what does God want me to learn from them?"
  • "What regrets do I need to let go of, and how can I best move on?"

Questions About Your Present

Your guardian angel can help you see the current situations in your life from an eternal perspective, which will help you figure out what ultimately matters most as you make daily decisions. The gift of your guardian angel's wisdom can help you discover and fulfill God's will for you, so you can reach your highest potential. Here are some questions you can ask your guardian angel about your present:

  • "What decision should I make about this?"
  • "How should I solve this problem?"
  • "How can I repair my broken relationship with this person?"
  • "How can I let go of my worry about this situation and find peace about it?"
  • "How does God want me to use the talents he has given me?"
  • "What are the best ways for me to serve others in need right now?"
  • "What current habits in my life need to change because they're unhealthy and interfering with my spiritual progress?"
  • "What new habits should I start so that I can become healthier and grow closer to God?"
  • "I sense God leading me to take on this challenge, but I'm afraid to take the risk. What encouragement can you give me?"

Questions About Your Future

It's tempting to ask your guardian angel for all sorts of information about your future, but it's also important to keep in mind that God may limit what your angel knows about your future, as well as what God allows your angel to tell you about your future. Generally, God reveals only the information that you truly need to know right now about what is going to happen later -- for your own protection. However, your guardian angel will be glad to tell you whatever can actually help you to know about the future. Some questions you can ask your guardian angel about your future include:

  • "How can I best prepare for this event or situation that's coming up?"
  • "What decision can I make about this now to move in the right direction for the future?"
  • "What dreams does God want me to dream for my future, and what goals does God want me to set so I can see them come true?"
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