Color Therapy and Your Wardrobe

Have you taken inventory of your closet lately? You may be in a fashion rut and need to introduce some different colors into your wardrobe that will better reflect your day-to-day moods.

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Color Therapy

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Unless your mother is still dressing you or you are a slave to following the latest fashion color trends, why not become a mood dresser? Mood dressers are people who are in-tune with their emotions and dress accordingly. Do you feel pink today? Or, do you feel blue?

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Wearing Green - Nurturing and Earthy

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Green is considered to be one of the most healing among all the colors.

Because green is the color of trees and grasses it is a wonderful color choice to wear anytime you are wanting to feel more in-tune with mother nature. Green, in general, represents the Spring season and new growth.

Choose bright and lighter greens to wear whenever you are embarking on something new or wish to turn over a new leaf.

Wearing deeper hues of green such as emerald or forest is suitable whenever you are wanting to delve deeper into the earthy grounding energies, a great resource for rejuvenation your life energies.

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Wearing Blue - Serenity and Calm

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Wearing blue helps create a place of calm and serenity.

Wearing ocean hues of blue is especially calming. Indigo or darker blues can offer more of a comfort zone feeling, almost as if you are sinking into a pool of warm water.

Pale or lighter colored blues can be wonderfully uplifting, a nice shade of blue to choose to wear if you are feeling a bit nervous or edgy. 

Blues, in general, remind me of a favorite pair of well-worn denim jeans - now that's simply relaxing.

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Wearing Gray or Black - Invisibility and Blending In

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Wearing grays and blacks can be depressive.

Let's face it, black and gray are fashion basics. We all have the basic black suit or black dress slacks that are a must wear for a number of different social settings. Aside from the slinky spaghetti strapped number you have hanging in the back of the closet, you likely choose to wear black because you prefer to blend in and not make any statement.

Wearing black will allow you to keep a low-profile in social settings if that is your intention.

Don't wear black if you want to stand out amidst a crowd. Most folks don't even bother to wear black at funerals anymore, it's just too sad to wear dreary and dark colors.

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Wearing Orange - Energetic and Creative

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Orange urges you to get out into the world and create something grand!

Orange is a very high energy color. Its creativity juices are extremely intoxicating and sweet tasting. Wearing orange is fun and can make you feel quite playful. Artists love dabbling with orange hues.

Orange screams with sexual energy too, not surprising since orange is associated with the sacral chakra. Because of its highly-charged intensity, some people cannot comfortably wear this color. Adorning yourself with an orange accent piece can add a hint of playfulness.

Beware, if you need to complete a mundane project avoid wearing orange as it might interfere with the stick-to-it-ness required to stay on task.

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Wearing Pink - Open Heart

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Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart.

Most people associate pink with babies, little girls, and feminine energies. But more than feeling feminine, wearing pink conveys compassion and open heart chakra. When people are wearing pink, whether they are male or female, they appear approachable and capable of loving others.

If you wish to feel more heart-connected with others or with your own being reach for that pastel pink sweater from your closet to wear. If pastel colors don't suit you, instead, try on something in bright fuchsia.

Whatever the shade you choose, you'll feel pretty in pink!

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Wearing Red - Powerful and Confident

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Red can really pack a punch when needed.

Red is a very powerful color. Wear red whenever you feel a need to portray confidence or would like to boost your self-esteem. However, be aware that wearing too much red can make a person come off a little too intimidating to others who may lack self-confidence in themselves.

Wearing darker shades of red can feel a bit gloomy, so if you are in a mood for a good sulk, go ahead. Maroon, although a deep shade red, if you can pull it off, can reflect a bit of finesse if it doesn't weigh you down. 

Visualizing the color red can help ground your energies so anyone who has "flighty" tendencies will benefit from wearing red to serve as a mental reminder to ground themselves throughout the day. 

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Wearing Purple - Unique and Special

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Wearing purple shows others that you want to be noticed.

Purple is seldom worn as a neutral color. Purple is the wrong color choice to make if you are wanting to blend in among others as you go about your business. The color purple, especially shades of violet, will definitely make a statement. Wearing purple shows others that you want to be noticed. If it is your desire to feel special and unique then purple is the right color choice.

Burgundy is aligned with royalty, so if you've been feeling beaten down or lost in the masses, wearing burgundy can help you rise to the occasion and set you apart from others. 

Lavenders or pale purples are loftier in nature and may help you feel more in touch with your spiritual side. Lavenders worn by men (and women too!) can also help draw out their softer feminine sides. YES. that is a good thing! Everyone is comprised of both masculine and feminine natures. It is good to keep them in balance. 

If you would like to send a message out into the world that you're one of a kind and that you could care less about conformity, then wear purple.

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Wearing White - Fresh Outlook - New Beginnings

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Wearing white will help reduce any nagging feelings of disappointment or drudge.

White represents cleansing and new beginnings. Putting on a white blouse feels like being given an opportunity to start the day with a clean slate. Wearing a white garment, as long as it hasn't taken on any discoloration from too much laundering, can offer a fresh and bright outlook.

Note: Be sure to get rid of any dingy white clothes often, replacing them with brighter whites.

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Wearing Yellow - Cheerful and Happy

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Yellow is the perfect color to wear whenever your spirit needs an uplift.

Yellow carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism, and light.

All shades of yellows and golds will cheer you up and help make you feel happier. Wearing yellow out into the world makes an affirmation statement. It shows off your sunny outlook. For certain, yellow is a perky color!

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