What Does It Mean to Co-Create?

About Co-Creation

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In the spiritual community, you might people talking about being involved in co-creation projects or co-creating their dreams. But, what exactly does this terminology mean?

It is a relatively simple concept. Co-creation happens naturally whenever your soul or inner knowing inspires you to take action and follow your passion or pursue your life purpose. However, it isn't always easy to listen to those quiet yearnings deep inside ourselves. Or, we get lazy and choose to let the winds of fate blow where they will without attempting to lift a finger. 

No Room for Victim Mentality 

In the world of co-creation, there is no role for the victim. Are you in the habit of feeling sorry for yourself, or tend to always blame the other guy when things don't go your way? If the answer is yes, you will have a difficult time co-partnering with your creative muse. We only become victims of ill fate when we allow ourselves to sit and wallow in it. Motivation and embracing purpose are key elements in co-creating a fabulous life.

You Don't Have to Go It Alone

Co-creation is really about getting in the game and doing your part to manifest your desires, meet your goals, or plan out your future. Of course, you can always try to create something without your spiritual counterpart, whether you call it God, creator, the Universe, or something else, but it will be a much longer and more difficult journey. It isn't in your best interest to be the silent partner in this dual relationship. You cannot just sit back and wait for opportunities to be served to you on a silver platter. You cannot win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket. Assistance is available.

There is a cosmic influence that will gladly open doors and show you pathways to undertake along the way if you are willing to accept a helping hand.

Partner Up and Co-Create Something Fabulous

When you call upon the angels for assistance or ask your higher self for guidance don't sit back and wait for invisible forces to do all the heavy lifting for you. Be ready to take action and put some of your own energy into getting whatever it is you want.  It is your job to push forward and make your mark. Each of us is free to go at our own speed. Do what is comfortable: take baby steps, giant leaps, or something in-between. And when you are feeling a need to take a break now and again to re-evaluate your overall game plan, definitely do that. 

Believe in Yourself

You absolutely have the capability of finding resolutions to problems and finding that perfect niche meant just for you. Co-creation means acknowledging that you are responsible for your own life and continually take initiatives to gain success, happiness, and wellness.  

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