Angel Energy Clearing: How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home

Angels Can Help with Smudging Negativity in Your Space

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Angel energy clearing (smudging) clears negative energy out and welcomes positive energy into your home. Shana Novak/Getty Images

Your home should be a place you enjoy being. Do you feel at peace or upset there? Any stressful or uncomfortable feelings may be caused by negative energy in the environment. Angel energy clearing can help you clean negativity out of your space. Working with angels through this process (called “smudging”), clears unhealthy energy out and welcomes positive energy into your home.

It all has to do with vibrations, which everyone and everything in the universe produces. Energy with high vibrations -- like that produced by holy angels -- promotes good health in body, mind, and spirit. The more you seek help from God and his angelic messengers, the more positive energy with high vibrations you'll usher into your home. Here’s how to work with angels in prayer or meditation for an angel energy clearing:

Invite White Light into Your Home

Start by asking God to send the cleansing power of his holy energy in the form of white light shining throughout your home. You can ask verbally, by praying, or silently, by visualizing the white light while meditating. As the brilliant light of God shines into your home, it will expose the negative energy that exists there and attract holy angels to meet you there.

Although you can't see the negative energy around you with your eyes, you can feel the effects of its low vibrations, which cause fatigue (and sometimes even illness) physically while affecting you emotionally. God's white light will reveal negative energy that has become attached to your home through any type of negativity that's happened there in the past -- from arguments in which harsh words were spoken to unhealthy behavior like feeding an addiction of some kind. Anything sinful that has been said or done in your home can open up spiritual portals through which fallen angels can come to express negative energy there. The white light will show you what specifically needs to be cleared out to restore a healthy environment in your home.

Use Salt

Salt is a crystal that powerfully absorbs and neutralizes energy surrounding it. You can sprinkle salt in every room of your home -- from the kitchen and living room to bedrooms and bathrooms -- as you consecrate your living space to God. Or, you can place salt rocks in the sun for a few hours to absorb its life-giving energy, then place them in different areas throughout your home.

While the salt's energy disperses, ask the guardian angels who watch over you and others in your household to bless the home you all share. Pray for the angels' help getting rid of the negative energy that's stuck in your home's atmosphere.

Use Essential Oils Like Sage and Frankincense

Essential oils are the natural oils that come from inside plants. Due to their purity, they contain powerful energy with high vibrations. So they're useful tools for clearing out negative energy and welcoming positive energy into any space where you diffuse them.

You can use essential oils in your home in a variety of ways, such as by burning them in candles you set in different rooms, spraying them in the air around your home, or placing drops of oil directly onto household items.

Certain types of essential oils are especially powerful to use when you're trying to clear negative energy out of a space. The most useful are sage, frankincense, and sandalwood, which are oils associated with Archangel's Michael's energy. Since Archangel Michael has more power than any other angel to fight negative spiritual energy, he is a great resource for you to call on as you clear your home. Michael and the other angels who work with him in the blue light ray can help protect you from negativity but cutting the spiritual cords that have allowed it to attach to your home in the first place.

Use Music

Since sound creates very strong energy vibrations, beautiful music can also help you clear negative energy out of your home.

Any kind of music that has good harmonic balance (such as classical music) or that evokes feelings of peace or joy (such as chimes, bells, and drums with uplifting rhythms) sends sound waves with positive, high vibrations throughout your home when you play it there. Worship music that contains positive lyrics praising God also exude powerful, positive energy, since words also express strong spiritual energy. In heaven, worship music constantly fills the air and resonates in harmony with the vibrations of everyone and everything there.

Ask Angels to Fill the Space with Positive Energy

After the negative energy has left your home, ask the angels you've called on to help you through the process to send their positive energy to fill the void left in the space where the negative energy once lingered.

Make a habit of praying or meditating to clear out future negative energy on a regular basis from now on. Just like you do laundry, wash dishes, and clean up clutter from your home regularly, do spiritual cleaning in your home on an ongoing basis, as well to keep your living environment healthy.

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