What is the Clairalience Form of ESP?

Is Clairalience Part of a Miraculous Sixth Sense?

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Clairalience (which means "clear smelling) is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that involves getting psychic impressions through your sense of smell. Believers consider clairalience to be a miraculous part of the "sixth sense" that helps people access knowledge spiritually, beyond their physical senses.

Experiencing clairalience means smelling a fragrance that comes from a spiritual source (such as God or his angels) rather than a physical one. You suddenly smell something that has symbolic significance to you, without having any physical stimuli near your nose to create the scent.

The Sweet Scent of Roses

If you smell roses while you're praying or meditating but there are no natural roses around you, the scent likely indicates the presence of God's holy spirit or one of his angels with you. Roses are a sacred symbol of God's love. God may choose to encourage you as you seek him by sending you the sweet scent of roses through clairalience.

Fragrances that Remind You of Loved Ones Who have Died

You may also experience clairalience after people you love have died, through scent messages that remind you of them.

For instance, you may smell your mother's favorite perfume suddenly while thinking of her or praying for her -- even though her actual perfume isn't physically around you. Or, you may smell the aroma of your friend's favorite meal, fried chicken, when you're thinking about him or praying for him -- even though no actual food is nearby.

Some people believe that such signs are messages that their loved ones send to them directly from the afterlife; others believe that God sends the signs (sometimes through his angels) to comfort them in their grief with the assurance that their loved ones are in heaven.

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