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Tips for Planning Your Christian Wedding Music

Wedding Music
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Wedding music plays a significant role in your Christian ceremony. Choices may include a worship song sung by the entire congregation of guests, a hymn, an instrumental, or a special solo. The possibilities are endless, and you will typically have the freedom to be creative.

Remember, though, that your Christian wedding music can be a powerful expression of worship, as well as an instrument of reflection on your feelings and ideas as a couple. As you carefully plan your wedding song choices, here are some things to keep in mind.

Wedding Music Tips

  • It's important before you begin planning to check with the minister who will officiate your wedding to see if the church has any guidelines or restrictions regarding the wedding music for your ceremony and reception.
  • Remember, your musical choices will set the mood for your wedding ceremony.
  • Choose songs that are appropriate to the context of your wedding as a worship service.
  • Be sure the lyrics express faith, love, joy and commitment.
  • You may want to choose a special friend or family member who is musically gifted to offer one or all of the songs.
  • If either of you (Bride or Groom) happen to be musically talented, you may want to be involved in presenting one of the songs. However, you should be sure to consider how nerves may affect your ability to effectively play or sing on your wedding day.
  • Incorporating a congregational song or hymn will allow another opportunity to involve your guests in the worship experience.
  • A primary objective of your wedding ceremony is to testify as a couple that you are making a solemn and eternal covenant with each other before God. Your ceremony ought to be a testimony of your lives before God, demonstrating your Christian witness. So, your wedding music is a great way to personalize this message for your guests while expressing your worship of God. Keep this in mind when choosing your songs.
  • Find out if sound equipment will be set up, available, and in good working condition for the wedding ceremony and reception. You may need to rent sound equipment and hire someone to set it up and run the system.
  • Also, find out if a sound technician and DJ will be at your disposal for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. Plan to either pay or tip the technician and pay for the DJ's services. Be sure to include the live wedding music in your rehearsal to work through any technical issues before the big day.
  • If you plan to hire musicians to play at your wedding or reception, be sure to find out if they have guidelines, restrictions, or any specific requirements. If your ceremony and reception will be held outdoors, consider how this will affect your wedding music, and be sure to have a backup plan for weather.
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  • To make the day even more meaningful, you may want to spend some time learning the biblical significance of today's Christian wedding traditions.
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