Christian Teens and the Prom

Keeping the Faith While Having Fun

prom date

From picking out the perfect dress to renting the stretch limo, the Prom is one of the most exciting times for Christian teens. Like most activities, though, Christian teens need to put extra effort into making sure they do not compromise their faith on the special night. While Prom is a great time of celebration, it is also a time of temptation. Here are some resources to help you make the most faithful decisions that will keep your Prom night fun-filled and memorable in all the right ways:

Dressing Up for Prom

One of the most fun and anticipated aspects of going to Prom is getting all dressed up in fancy dresses and sharp tuxedos. You want to look your best for all those Prom pictures and your date, but you also want to set a godly example by remaining modest in your appearance. Not only that, but there is an insane pressure to spend a lot of money and look like the celebrities heading to awards shows. Here are some resources to help you look your best on Prom Night, but keep yourself grounded in realistic expectations:

That "Special" Person

Choosing your date is an important part of having the most fun at your Prom because it will have a major impact on your experience. Some Christian teens choose to go with friends rather than a "date" to avoid temptations. Others find that Prom is a great night to draw a couple closer together. We've all heard those Prom date horror stories, so we need to make sure we're going to Prom with the right people. Just like choosing our friends carefully, we should choose carefully so our Prom experience is the best possible. Here is an important reading about Christian dating:

The Big Prom Temptations

Prom is a night filled with great temptations from drinking to sex. Many Christian teens get caught up in all the excitement and end up making poor decisions. Some teens spend more time asking for forgiveness afterward than planning ahead of time for what they might face. It is important for Christian teens to know how to remain a good witness at their Prom while also knowing what to do in the face of strong temptations:

Keeping Your Prom Safe and Fun

Prom is supposed to be one of the most fun nights of your high school career. In order to create wonderful Prom memories, you will want to do what you can to keep yourself safe. Being careful and thinking about your safety doesn't mean sucking all the fun out of Prom. It just means planning ahead and making good decisions when faced with tough situations. Here are some ways Christian teens can keep their Prom Night fun and safe: