Christian Teen Honesty Quiz

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How honest are you? Most people think they are pretty honest people, but about 83 percent of Christian teens also believe that moral truth depends on a particular situation. Take this short quiz to see if you are as truthful as you think you are.


1. Your best friend asks you if she looks good in her new prom dress. You:

  • A. Tell her she looks good, even though the dress washes her out.
  • B. Advise her to get a tan. That will help with the coloring. However, don't tell her why. It will just hurt her feelings.
  • C. Tell her to return the awful dress. She can look better, and you'll help her.

2. A friend tells you he's been using steroids, and he wants you to promise not to tell anyone. You:

  • A. Promise, then tell your parents.
  • B. Promise and don't tell anyone.
  • C. Don't promise. You know he's in trouble and he really needs help.

3. You get out of the store and realize the cashier gave you an extra $5 in change. You:

  • A. Go home. Hooray! An extra $5. It's the cashier's fault, after all.
  • B. Slip the $5 back on the counter by the cashier.
  • C. Give the money back to the cashier so she can put it back into the till.

4. When the teacher left the classroom someone wrote a nasty work on the board. The teacher asks you after class if you know who did it. You:

  • A. Say you weren't paying attention. You don't want people to hate you.
  • B. Tell her you think it was a certain person, but you just aren't sure.
  • C. Sure you tell her. It was really nasty and that person should be held accountable.

5. You overhear some people talking and whispering about a friend of yours. You don't say anything, but later your friends ask you if people are talking about her. You:

  • A. Tell her you haven't heard anything. Why hurt her feelings?
  • B. Tell her you heard something, but sugar-coat it.
  • C. Tell her what you heard and help her solve the problem.

Scoring Key

Give yourself the following points for each answer:




5-7: You are a moral liar, meaning you often lie to protect the feelings of others or protect your standing among friends. While you don't lie for the sake of lying, you can find ways of telling the truth that will increase your honesty quotient and keep others from feeling crushed.

10-12: You usually only lie when it depends on someone's feelings. While you may think you are protecting the person, it really isn't. Try to work on being more forthcoming and honest in the way you deal with situations. If you are tactful, you will find that the truth comes out much easier.

15-13: You are a truth-monger. Just be sure that you are not being too brutal in your honesty. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Psalm 37:37 - "Look at those who are honest and good. For a wonderful future lies before those who love peace." (NLT)