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Not ones to conform, Christian punk rockers are not your typical "anti-establishment." Instead, their definition of not conforming is based on Romans 12:2 where Paul spoke of not living to the standards of the world. (ESV)  Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

These seven bands all do that quite well and they do it with a sense of style and fun that works as a rockin' reminder that there is plenty of joy in serving the Lord. The world's standards will change on a daily basis and you may never be able to keep up with that is popular in the moment. God's standards, like his love, are constant and once we have decided to follow him, our path is before us.

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"Automatic" - Stellar Kart

Stellar Kart - Expect The Impossible
Stellar Kart - Expect The Impossible. Word

Fast with just enough power punk/pop, "Automatic" has the same style and sound that made Stellar Kart famous.

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"Cross The Line" - Superchick

Superchick - Rock What You Got
Superchick - Rock What You Got. Inpop Records

The girls (and Max and Dave) rock out on "Cross The Line," which comes to us from Rock What You Got, Superchick's 4th album.

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"Arms Around Me" - Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson Is My Friend
Hawk Nelson - Hawk Nelson Is My Friend. BEC

This beautiful ballad can be found on Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, which released in April 2008.

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"Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying" - Relient K

Relient K - The Bird And The Bee Sides
Relient K - The Bird And The Bee Sides. Gotee Records

From the 2008 The Bird And The Bee Sides, "Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying" is a dizzy little ditty paying tribute to the band and as a bonus, Relient K even does a ska version. Short but sweet, this fun tune will bring a smile.

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"Now You're Gone" - Everyday Sunday

Everyday Sunday - Wake Up! Wake Up!
Everyday Sunday - Wake Up! Wake Up!. Inpop Records

From the 2007 release, Wake up! Wake up!, "Now You're Gone" is one of those songs that anyoone who has ever said "goodbye" can relate to.

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"Renew" - The Wedding

The Wedding - The Sound The Steel
The Wedding - The Sound The Steel. Brave New World Records, LLC

The best of the 5 R's on

, "Renew" has bite that "Receive," "Return," "Reveal" and "Redeem" just don't have as much of.

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"Chinatown Jail Break" - Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 - Jungle of the Midwest Sea
Flatfoot 56 - Jungle of the Midwest Sea. Flicker Records

Sitting in this cell these bars wide open
Stricken by the light I fear the unspoken
The Son is my hope my shelter and my guide
But I’d rather choose this lonely cell this hole where I hide

Oooh ... ouch! Great song though - even if there are times when you feel like you have just been gutted by the lyrics.

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