Top Versions of "The First Noel" by Christian Gospel Artists

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The traditional religious Christmas carol, "The First Noel" was first published in 1833 when it appeared in "Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern," a collection of seasonal carols gathered up and put together by William B. Sandys.

The carol has been covered by artists from just about every style of music in both the Christian and mainstream music words. The following list covers the most popular versions of the carol by Christian singers.

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Bryan Duncan

Bryan Duncan album cover
Word Records

Bryan Duncan's incomparable voice delivers a smooth and silky version of the classic song, reminding listeners why he has been a staple in Christian music for decades.

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Aly & AJ

Aly & AJ album cover

Hollywood Records

Ringing with joy and sincerity, Aly & AJ don't allow themselves to get caught up in the commercial side of Christmas at all with their version of the carol.

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John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir

John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir album cover

Zomba Recording

If John P. Kee & The New Life Community Choir's version of "The First Noel" doesn't move you in places that you weren't sure could move, you need to check your pulse!

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Newsong album cover

Reunion Records

The title track on the Newsong album The Christmas Shoes got so much attention, well deserved that it was, that the phenomenal cover phenomenal cover of "The First Noel" didn't get nearly the attention it should have.

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Bebe And Cece Winans

Bebe and CeCe Winans album cover

Delivered with a quiet reverence, BeBe and CeCe build the suspense through the music, making you feel as though you're holding your breath, waiting for the angels to finally say "Born is the King of Israel!"

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Bebe Winans

BeBe Winans album cover

Hidden Beach/Epic

BeBe Winans used his "inside voice" when he recorded this classic Christmas carol with his sister CeCe in 1993. In his 2003 solo version, he uses every ounce of strength he can throw into it and that powerful voice of his literally soars.

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Steve Green

Steve Green album cover

Sparrow Records

Steve Green adds just enough of a modern rock touch to his cover of "The First Noel" to make it heartwarming and perfect for the season.

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Randy Travis

Randy Travis album cover


Randy Travis takes a classic Christmas carol, pairs it with his classic country sound and we all get blessed with the combination.

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Third Day

Third Day album cover

Provident Music Group

Performed and recorded live, Third Day knocks it out of the park yet again with their cover of "The First Noel."

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Oak Ridge Boys

Oak Ridge Boys album cover

Capitol Records

The Oak Ridge Boys combined "Away In A Manger," "The First Noel," "Joy To The World" and "Angels We Have Heard On High" for a medley of proportions that only the Oak Ridge Boys could deliver.

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Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson album cover

All power and passion, yet delivered with a subtle touch; that is how Mahalia sang it on her version of "The First Noel."

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