Christadelphian Beliefs and Practices

Distinctive Christadelphian Beliefs

Christadephian Beliefs
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Christadelphians hold several beliefs that differ from traditional Christian denominations. They do not mingle with other Christians, maintaining that they possess the truth and have no interest in ecumenism.

Christadelphian Beliefs


Baptism is mandatory, a visible demonstration of repentance and contrition. Christadelphians hold that baptism is the symbolic participation in Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, resulting in forgiveness of sins.


The 66 books of the Bible are the inerrant, "inspired word of God." Scripture is complete and sufficient for teaching the way to be saved.


The word "ecclesia" is used by Christadelphians instead of church. A Greek word, it is usually translated "church" in English Bibles. It also means "a people called out." Local churches are autonomous.


Christadelphians have no paid clergy, nor is there a hierarchical structure in this religion. Elected male volunteers conduct services on a rotating basis. Christadelphians means "Brothers in Christ." Members address each other as "Brother" and "Sister."


Christadelphian beliefs adhere to no creeds; however, they do have a list of 53 "Commandments of Christ," most drawn from his words in Scripture but some from the Epistles.


The soul is not immortal. The dead are in the "sleep of death," a state of unconsciousness. Believers are resurrected at Christ's second coming.

Heaven, Hell

Heaven will be on a restored earth, with God reigning over his people, and Jerusalem as its capital. Hell does not exist. Amended Christadelphians believe the wicked are annihilated. Unamended Christadelphians believe those "in Christ" will be resurrected to eternal life while the rest will remain unconscious, in the grave.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is only a force of God in Christadelphian beliefs because they deny the Trinity doctrine. He is not a distinct Person.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is a man, Christadelphians say, not God. He was the Son of God and salvation requires acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior. Christadelphians believe that since Jesus died, he cannot be God because God cannot die.


Christadelphians reject the doctrine of Satan as the source of evil. They believe God is the source of both good and evil (Isaiah 45:5-7).


The Trinity is unbiblical, according to Christadelphian beliefs. God is one and does not exist in three Persons.

Christadelphian Practices


Baptism is a requirement for salvation, Christadelphians believe. Members are baptized through immersion, at an age of accountability, and have a pre-baptism interview about the sacrament. Communion, in the form of bread and wine, is shared at the Sunday Memorial Service.

Worship Service

Sunday morning services include worship, Bible study and a sermon. Members share bread and wine to remember Jesus' sacrifice and to anticipate his return. Sunday School is held before this Memorial Meeting for children and young adults. In addition, a mid-week class is held to study the Bible in-depth. All meetings and seminars are conducted by lay members. Members meet in each others' homes, as early Christians did, or in rented buildings. A few ecclesias own buildings.

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