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Chris Rice
Chris Rice. Courtesy of: INO Records

Chris Rice Biography

Chris Rice grew up in Maryland as the second of four sons to bookstore owners. As a teen he took three years of piano lessons, but his dream wasn't to go into a career in music. While earning a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Communication, he started leading retreats and youth camps in his church youth group. It was such a natural fit that he found himself moving in that direction on a more permanent basis.

In 1996 Chris was signed to Rocketown Records due to his skill as a lyricist, but his musical abilities soon came to light and in '97 he released his debut project, Deep Enough to Dream. Chris released seven more albums under the Rocketown umbrella before leaving in 2005. '05 saw him move to Eb+Flo / INO Records, where he released Amusing later that year.

From 2009 to 2013, things were quiet for Rice. None of his sites, (official site, MySpace and blog) had been updated since late 2008 and no one seemed to know what he was up to. But in 2014, he reappeared just as quietly as he disappeared with an update on his official site. He shared that he had taken up painting and had even had a "very successful art show" in April of that year. A 20th anniversary EP and an art shop even took up residence on his site.

Chris Rice Quick Facts

  • Chris was born and raised in Maryland.
  • He is the second of four sons born to Christian bookstore owners.
  • He took piano lessons as a teen but didn’t dream of a career in music.
  • Chris attended Union University in Jackson, TN.
  • Chris was the first artist that Rocketown Records signed.

Chris Rice News & Notes

Chris Rice Discography

  • Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project, 2007 
  • What a Heart Is Beating For, 2007 
  • Amusing, 2005 (
  • Snapshots: Live And Fan Favorites, 2005
  • Short Term Memories, 2004 
  • Run The Earth, Watch The Sky, 2003 
  • The Living Room Sessions, 2001 
  • The Living Room Sessions Christmas, 2001
  • Smell The Color 9, 2000 
  • Past The Edges, 1998 
  • Deep Enough to Dream, 1997 
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Chris Rice Awards

  • 2002 - Dove Award nominee for Instrumental Album of the Year - Living Room Sessions: Hymns
  • 2000 - Dove Award nominee for Recorded Music Packaging
  • 1999 - Dove Award winner for Male Vocalist of the Year and for participation in Special Event Album of the Year - Exodus
  • 1998 - Nominated for six Dove Awards, including New Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year

Chris Rice Songwriting Credits

  • “Welcome to Our World” recorded by Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant
  • “Hallelujahs,” “Missing You” and “Go Light Your World” recorded by Kathy Troccoli
  • “And Your Praise Goes On” recorded by John Tesh

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