Tales Told by Children Remembering Their Past Lives

True stories shared by children and parents

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Young children often speak about when they were "bigger" or when they lived somewhere that they haven't. Sometimes they share details about things they could not possibly know about. These stories may very well be clues to their past lives. Here are some examples of children remembering their past lives.

Children's Recollections of Past Lives

My Other Mommy

"Christian is my youngest, but he was born wise beyond his years. I can tell he is a very old soul. When my son was 4, I was making him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich one day for lunch. He said to me, 'That's not how my other mommy used to make my sandwiches, she did them differently.' A few days later he told how he remembered coming down from heaven with all the other babies, and God sent him to me."

Remembers Details About the Titanic

"When I was twelve, I woke up with the distinct feeling of a rocking ship. I was laying in my bed but it felt as if I was on a rocking ship. I also got very claustrophobic, as if I was in a small room. That same afternoon, when I got home from school, I watched a history program about the Titanic. It was really odd. I was watching it all alone and I was seeing footage with people I had never seen before but I would remember their names. The narrator would tell the names a while after and I was right!

Last year I was attending a Titanic exhibition in Copenhagen and I got this weird feeling when I walked inside. When I saw the reconstructions of the second class cabins, I had this feeling like if I was on a rocking ship again, claustrophobia bubbled up in me and I felt really seasick. I hurried into the next room, where I saw a piece of jewelry. I immediately knew that it was mine. I read the sign and it said that the ring had belonged to one of the female second class travelers, whose body had been found but not identified. there was no name. It was believed to be an engagement ring, and now I keep getting the feeling that I belong somewhere else.

It is really odd, I know things about the Titanic that I have never been told and I am really afraid of closed spaces. When I saw the Titanic film, I began to freeze really badly and my hands have never been warm since that."

My Three-Year-Old Grandson Recalls Past Life Death

"One day while myself and two others were having a conversation, my little grandson was behind us sitting on a step. I immediately stopped talking and listened to him because he was looking down in his lap and announced loudly "I died... I died in this house... I cried." Then he proceeded to rub his eyes with his two fists, dramatizing his crying.

I immediately got up and put him on my lap... and proceeded to ask him "why did you say that Elijah?" You're right here." He just wanted to get down and play, he wouldn't talk anymore. It appeared to me as if he had a sudden memory and just blurted that memory out loud, to himself.

He also acted very oddly one day while visiting a cemetery of a loved one. We were walking through the graves and came across a freshly buried gravesite. He pointed to it and asked about why it was different. I proceeded to explain someone must have been buried, that they had just died maybe. I will never forget how he backed away in fear immediately and started mumbling "died" "hurt." It was about one year prior to the above incident, he was just learning how to talk.

I have tried to gather more information from him but he refuses to talk about it."

Kindergartner Struggles with Learning Alphabet

"When my daughter was in kindergarten, she had the hardest time with letters. Mixed up B's with V's and H's with N's, for a few. Her teacher didn't know how such letters could be mixed up, and neither could I until I was helping her read one night. She kept asking me what sounds the letters made. She kept saying: "I don't remember those." I showed her an H and asked her if she remembered that one. She nodded, and said, confidently, that makes an 'N' sound. She kept saying how she thought there were more letters. I asked her what kind of letters she thought there were and she wrote some out for me: П, Л, Я, Ч, Й, Ц. "More than that, too," she said. I asked her where she learned those. "Vlad taught me before he disappeared," I asked her who Vlad is. She claimed he was her brother. She kept telling me that he disappeared, and the next day, a man came and killed her family."

Four-Year-Old Daughter Asks to Go Home 

"My daughter told me she wanted to go home. Of course, I asked her where 'home' was. She told me her family lived by the water before the waves came. I asked her what happened after the waves came. She told me quite frankly, "I died." She quite often draws pictures of waves and houses that she says she remembers. She often refers to me as "Pah" and says she wants to go home to her 'Mæh'." 

Daughter Describes Egyptian Pyramids

"My daughter used to dream about the Egyptian pyramids. It wasn't until the age of 8 that she truly could describe the inside of Pharaohs' tombs in great detail. She used to describe the wonder in the relationship between members of the royal family and their subjects. These included many female royals secret discussions with their lady's maids, and the battles between them and other women for the Pharaohs' affections. She vividly recalls conversations outside hieroglyphics held in secret between one female whom she describes as a goddess and her protector." 

Brother Says He Misses His Old Mom 

"My brother whom I have practically raised told me about his past life when he was four years old. My little brother would suddenly blurt out that he missed his old mom. He would repeat this several times during the week. I would ask him what happened to his mom and he would get sad and say that he missed his family, because they died in a fire. He remembered walking across the street as the house was burning. Coincidentally, a few months after that we had the fire department called because of a small fire that was contained to our boiler room and that boy was so traumatized he didn't sleep for days. Any beeping sound similar to that of a fire alarm and especially sirens or seeing police or fireman would scare him almost to death. At seven years old he has no memory of ever saying that to me, but occasionally he'll tell me that he can't wait for us to have a new family."

Daughter Remembers Drowning

"Several years ago, when my daughter was about three or four years old, she approached me while I was reading a card sent by a family member. The picture on the front was a watercolor reproduction of a little boat on a lake. She pointed to it and said, "I've been on a boat like that." I said, "Really?" (knowing she had never been out on any boat.) She said (in a somber tone), "Yeah. I died there." I know my mouth must've fallen open!! So, I asked her to explain what she meant. She said, "I was in the boat, hit my head and fell in the water. I kept falling and falling, but then I went to God." She raised her arms up in the air and looked up. I was speechless!! I got chills all over. She's now 12 years-old and has no memory of what happened that day. But, I do!! She loves boating and has no fear of it." 

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