Chayot Ha Kodesh Angels

In Judaism the chayot (hayyoth) angel rank is highest - Merkabah and Ezekiel

In Judaism, the chayot ha kodesh angels play important roles in Merkabah mysticism, and they appeared in the famous visions of Ezekiel and Elijah.
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The chayot ha kodesh angels are the highest rank of angels in Judaism. They are known for their enlightenment, and they’re responsible for holding up God’s throne, as well as for holding Earth in its proper position in space. The chayot (who are sometimes also called hayyoth) are Merkabah angels, who guide mystics on tours of heaven during prayer and meditation. Jewish believers identify chayot ha kodesh angels as the "four living creatures" that the prophet Ezekiel described in his famous vision in the Torah and Bible (the creatures are more commonly called cherubim and thrones). Chayot angels also are credited in Judaism as the angels who manifested into a chariot of fire that carried the prophet Elijah to heaven.

Full of Fire

The chayot ha kodesh emanate such powerful light that they often appear to be made of fire. The light represents the fire of their passion for God and the way they reflect God's glory. The leader of all angels in the universe, Archangel Michael, is associated with the element of fire that is also linked to all of God's highest-ranking angels, such as the chayot.

Led by Archangel Metatron

The famous archangel Metatron leads the chayot ha kodesh, according to mystical branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah. Metatron directs the chayot in their efforts to link the energy of the Creator (God) with the creation, including all of the human beings God has made. When the energy is flowing freely as God designed it to do, people can experience the proper balance in their lives.

Giving Tours of Heaven in Merkabah Mysticism

The chayot serve as heavenly tour guides for believers who practice a form of Jewish mysticism called Merkabah (which means "chariot"). In Merkabah, angels act as metaphorical chariots, carrying the divine creative energy to people who are seeking to learn more about God and grow closer to him.

Chayot ha kodesh angels give spiritual tests to believers whose souls are touring heaven during Merkabah prayer and meditation. These angels guard the metaphorical gates that separate the different parts of heaven. When believers pass their tests, the chayot open the gates to the next level of learning, moving believers closer to God's throne in the highest part of heaven.

The Four Living Creatures in Ezekiel's Vision

The famous four creatures that the prophet Ezekiel described in the Torah and Bible vision — of exotic beings with faces like humans, lions, oxes, and eagles and powerful flying wings — are named as the chayot by Jewish believers. These creatures symbolize awesome spiritual strength.

The Chariot of Fire in Elijah's Vision

The chayot angels are also credited in Judaism as the angels who showed up in the form of a chariot of fire and horses to take the prophet Elijah to heaven at the end of his earthly life. In this famous Torah and Bible story, the chayot (who are called the thrones by other believers in reference to this story), miraculously transport Elijah to heaven without him having to experience death like other humans. The chayot angels took Elijah from the earthly dimension to the heavenly one in a great burst of light and speed.

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