Chaviva Gordon-Bennett

Judaism Expert


M.A., Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut

B.J., Journalism and News Editorial, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


  • Worked with nonprofit organizations providing Jewish educational opportunities
  • Written for Huffington Post and on topics related to Judaism
  • Holds a certificate in the Hebrew language and literature


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett has covered topics related to Judaism for,, ThoughtCo, and She continues to blog about Judaism and Jewish life and culture on her website,

Chaviva converted to Judaism later in life and experienced Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Judaism before completing her conversion to Orthodoxy in 2010. She has worked with many nonprofit organizations providing Jewish educational opportunities for an array of Jewish denominations. Her work included working in a digital marketing capacity with The Jewish Education Project in New York. She was also fundamental in the New Jersey's Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life, the National Jewish Outreach Project, and the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education. 


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett holds a Master Arts (M.A.) degree in Judaic Studies from the University of Connecticut and a bachelor's degree in Journalism and News Editorial from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She also holds certification in Hebrew language and literature. 

Awards and Publications

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