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Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos
Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. Vicki Howie

Vicki Howie is an energy healer and hypnotherapist. In her healing work Vicki offers chakra healing, life coaching, and hypnotherapy. Her qualifications and training include extensive study of yoga and a Master's Degree in Behavioral Communications. Vicki has developed a unique healing product called Chakra Boosters. In my interview with Vicki, she explains how her beautiful temporary tattoos can help break energy blocks, boost energy, and balance your life force.

My Interview with Vicki Howie

Phylameana: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your personal healing path?

Vicki: I’ve been interested in self-growth and all things spiritual since I was a kid. I had a challenging childhood, and I think, early on, I had a sense of brokenness that I wanted to fix. I remember reading Seth books (especially The Nature of Reality) as a teen, but I never thought I’d end up a healer. I tried all sorts of different professions – from selling food products and advertising to doing stand up comedy and sitcom writing. Nothing felt right, until I found yoga. Hatha Yoga became a respite from my own issues. It gave me an ongoing opportunity to open my awareness and to start consciously co-creating my life. Yoga was also my gateway into the chakras and energy healing. Now, I feel really lucky to be teaching people about the magic of their chakras.

Phylameana: Could you please give a brief description of chakras and what their function is for anyone reading this who might be new to chakras and chakra balancing?

Vicki: Chakras are energy vortices that reside along the human spine – from the tip of the tailbone to the crown of the head. They act like revolving doors between our inner body and the outer world – processing what goes in and what gets expressed outward. For this reason, they effect every single aspect of our lives.

In the most commonly recognized Western model, there are seven main chakras and each one relates to a particular area of life. In short, these are: 1) tailbone – survival, career and finances, 2) sacrum – intimacy, creativity and sexuality, 3) solar plexus - confidence, action and mental clarity, 4) heart – love and compassion, 5) throat – personal expression and life purpose, 6) brow – clear perception, equanimity, e.s.p., 7) crown – connection to the divine.

Each one of the chakras vibrates at a particular frequency and is, therefore, a particular color. The colors of the human chakras are the same as a rainbow. From bottom to top: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Something most people don’t realize about their chakras is that they’re not only orderly in color, but also in their masculine-feminine balance. The odd chakras – 1, 3, 5 – have a contractive "masculine" quality, and the even chakras – 2, 4, 6 – have an expansive "feminine" quality. This means that, despite the fact that each one of us is born as a particular gender, our body innately seeks to balance between the yin and yang. The more we succeed at achieving an inner balance, the more we experience and express our full potential. The seventh chakra represents total connection to the Divine, and is therefore above the duality of the lower six chakras.

Phylameana: Your Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos are beautiful. Would you please share how you came up with the idea of creating healing tattoos. How do they work exactly?

Vicki: Thank you. My son, Dylan, and I created the actual tattoos together, and we really put a lot of love into the process. It was super important to us that they be beautiful and effective. The hardest challenge was getting the element (earth, water, fire, etc) of each chakra into the design of the tattoo in an attractive and integral way. Dylan was actually just fiddling around with some modern-looking patterns – putting them into the petals of the lotus -- and suddenly, we both just said "That’s it!" Our tastes are very different, so when we totally agree on a design, we know we’re on to something.

I wish I could say I was brilliant enough to come up with the Healing Tattoos idea out of thin air, but really it was more a process of deduction, combined with my need to heal my own seriously deficient first chakra.

For those who don’t already know, a weak first chakra can result in any of these symptoms (all of which I had): chronic fear and anxiety, instability, financial problems, physical problems in the feet, knees, legs or lower back, scoliosis (or other bone problems), elimination issues and/or hemorrhoids.

Personally, I was sick and tired of feeling anxious and fearful all the time.

I had just seen the work of Masaru Emoto. His research showed that words on water change the molecular structure of water. Positive words create beautiful, harmonious patterns in the water, and negative words create ugly, chaotic patterns.

Suddenly, I had a realization – the human body is about 70% water, so given Emoto’s findings, I could put a root tattoo on my tailbone area and significantly improve my energy there!

So, I went to get a real muladhara tattoo on the lowest, accessible part of my spine, and the moment the tattoo artist put the stencil on my body, energy gushed down both legs, and spontaneous tears rushed down my cheeks. These were not emotional tears. I didn’t even have time to think of anything to be emotional about. The release was sudden and energetic. I was like, "Wow, it really does work!"

After years of waking up fearful and anxious, I finally felt grounded. From that point on, my first chakra energy grew, and my symptoms continually lessened.

A few days after I got my root tattoo, I had another sudden insight – I could make beautiful temporary tattoos, so everyone could balance their chakras, and shift deep-seated patterns.

I was worried I wouldn’t have the confidence to follow through on my vision, so I designed the third chakra tattoo first to help me complete the other tattoos and market them. I had the third chakra tattoo manufactured, and I wore it all the time. It worked! I finished all the other tattoos, as well as the packaging and the website. And now, people all over the world (we are in about 20 countries now) are healing themselves with Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos.

Phylameana: How important is the placement of the tattoos? The photo shows them applied along the spine, but is it okay to place them on the front of the body? Also, where would you recommend placing the crown chakra tattoo? Most of us are not bald.

Vicki: I wear my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos all the time, and I place them right where the chakras actually reside, because I feel that’s the most potent way to go. But since humans are about 70% water, placing a tattoo anywhere on the body should cause the energy of that chakra to circulate throughout the body.

Since my product is relatively new, I continue to learn from my customers' experiences. I got one email from a customer who said she healed her heart chakra with a root chakra tattoo.

She said she had had a painful spot on the back of her heart chakra area for several years. Massages and energy healing helped a bit, but the pain always returned. For some reason, she kept visualizing a red spot on her back. So she put a red, first chakra tattoo on the back of her heart, and within 24 hours, the pain was gone. She wrote me several weeks afterward, and the pain hadn't returned.

So, the lesson here is the same it always is for healing – listen to your inner voice. My philosophy is – if you feel drawn to put a chakra tattoo in a particular spot, you should probably listen to that hunch. It is there for a reason. All of us are really healing ourselves. When we go to a healer, that person is really just a guide who is helping us to remember our innate wholeness and to heal ourselves.

To answer your other placement questions: Yes, you can put the tattoos on the front or the back – or both at the same time. The back body relates to healing our past, and the front represents moving forward. For instance, if you just had a bad break up, you would probably want to wear a 4th chakra tattoo on the back to help you grieve and heal. But if you felt entirely ready to move into a new relationship, you would probably put it on the front to express more of your love forward.

As you pointed out, there are some awkward spots on the body that don't support wearing the tattoos. The crown of the head doesn’t work for most of us. My favorite suggestion for the 7th chakra is on the "high heart" in back. This is the spot along the spine between the 4th and 5th chakras.

The fifth chakra doesn't work too well in the front of the throat, so that one is best worn on the back. Although, I must admit, I did put a fifth on the front of my throat for my first radio interview, and it went great!

The other problematic tattoo is the 6th. If you put it on your brow, people will stare at it. So, I have come up with a great way to use the 6th. Instead of actually wearing the tattoo, you just peel off the plastic cover and place the sticky portion onto your 3rd eye before you go to bed.

This means you will have a piece of paper stuck to your forehead all night, so I don't recommend it for romantic evenings with your loved one. Otherwise, it's a great way to have more connection to your dreams and more mental clarity.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from customers who tell me this process makes their dreams more lucid, and they awaken more refreshed. In any case, in the morning, you simply peel off the tattoo and put it face down inside a Ziplock bag. This means you can re-use if for a week or more.

Continue: Part II of my Interview with Vicki Howie

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My Interview with Vicki Howie - Part II

Vicki Howie
Vicki Howie.

Phylameana: I notice you sell your Chakra Boosters individually by chakra (root, sacral, solar plexus, etc.) and also in a package with all seven major chakra tattoos. Could you please give some guidance to potential clients in choosing what to order?

Vicki: As I said before, when I created the tattoos, I started with the third chakra, so I would have the energy and confidence to finish creating them all. But actually, I got the real root chakra tattoo before I even started creating any of the temporary ones. My second chakra is naturally very strong. I "live" out of that chakra, so I didn’t really need a tattoo there at all. So, in essence, I built from the ground up – one, two, three.

Due to the fact that we live in a physical world, my general advice would be to do just that -- start at the first chakra and work your way up – gradually.

When I first created the tattoos, I naturally put them on one at a time. It wasn’t until I'd had them all for quite a while that I actually put all five of the lower chakra tattoos on at once. Again, I never made a decision about it. That was just what my intuition told me to do.

So it was interesting to me later when customers began telling me they felt energetically overwhelmed when they put all the chakras tattoos on at the beginning.

Through their feedback, I learned you have to work up to using all the tattoos at once – starting with just one or two.

Think of it like this: for many people, the body has not been running a lot of energy. So, putting on all the chakra tattoos at once is like plugging new, powerful appliances into a house with old wiring. Usually, a fuse blows.

Don't worry, you won't "blow a fuse" if you wear all the tattoos right from the start, but it may feel overwhelming. So my suggestion is, start with one or two of the lower chakras and work your way up. When it feels like your body is used to running more energy, then you can wear all the chakra tattoos at once.

I do think listening to your intuition is very important. If an inner voice is telling you quite clearly to start with the heart chakra, then start with the heart chakra. Deep inside, we all know what is best for us.

Phylameana: How does intention come into play in the application and wearing of your Chakra Boosters?

Vicki: Healing intention can add to the power of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, but it isn't a pre-requisite. The tattoos affect the chakras in the same way that Masaru Emoto’s words affect the water. It is a direct transmission of energy intelligence.

I was on an Internet radio show with Martin Hulbaek, a healer from Denmark, and he said that he didn't want to be influenced by his conscious mind, so he kept putting off trying the tattoos.

Eventually, in the midst of a lot of holiday stress, he put on a heart tattoo and completely forgot about it. A while later, he suddenly noticed he felt calm and peaceful. It seemed odd to him that he was no longer stressed, and then he remembered that he had put on a heart tattoo. For him, this signified that the tattoo worked on its own without any conscious intention on his part.

Phylameana: Is there any downside to wearing these tattoos? For example, would you suggest "energy junkie" type personalities limit how often they wear Chakra Boosters?

I’m actually addicted to them myself! Seriously, though, I don’t see any downside even if they are addictive (and I’m not saying they are). Our tattoos are made of safe, vegetable-based inks, and they look good, so there is nothing negative in wearing them. Some habits are only good. I mean, you wouldn’t worry if you were "addicted" to eating vegetables, right?

Phylameana: Do you have an opinion about someone choosing to have their bodies tattooed with chakra symbols permanently? What healing effects, if any, do you think permanent chakras symbol tattooed on the body would have on the human energy field?

Vicki: I'm certainly no expert on this, so I don’t think I can address what anyone other than I should do. But I do love the Chakra Boosters designs so much that I’ve considered (and am still considering) getting all of them tattooed permanently up my back. Still, I can be a bit commitment-phobic at times, so it's perfect that I am the creator of temporary tattoos.

But to really answer your question, I think permanent tattoos would have the same kind of effect as my temporary tattoos. So, it would be important to put as much love and attention into the design as possible. And also, to make sure the size of the tattoos was appropriate for a balanced expression of any given chakra. My son and I designed our tattoos to be almost 3” in diameter, because this seemed like a size that would create balance in the average person -- that is, boost a deficient chakra, and reduce an overactive one.

I’ve recently seen some tattoos made by a company that copied my idea. Being imitated is flattering and validating, but these tattoos were only 2” in diameter, so the copycat missed the point. For most people, 2” tattoos may actually weaken a chakra (that is invite it to reduce).

So, the bottom line is, if you feel strong about getting a permanent tattoo, go for it! But make sure to put a lot of thought and attention into its design so that it can serve you well aesthetically and functionally.

Phylameana: Thank you Vicki for taking the time to answer my questions and share your thoughts and creative process in creating Chakra Boosters.

Vicki: You're welcome. I deeply appreciate the exposure you are providing. I really want more people to know about Chakra Boosters.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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