Celebrating Menarche, a Young Girl's Rite of Passage

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Menarche marks a young adolescent girl's advancement into womanhood, it is her first menstrual period. Every woman has her own story of when and where this marker event occurred. In a healthy relationship, mothers and daughters will both anticipate a girl's menarche. It is generally the mother's role to prepare for her daughter's future menarche by educating her about her body.

Celebrating a young woman's menarche does not have to be a solitary event and countless mothers choose to host a party for the event. Many women do not realize that this sort of celebration takes place, though it is something to consider as your own daughter reaches this moment.

Celebrating Menarche as a Rite of Passage

Menarche is an important time in a young woman's life. Although a mother cannot predict when a daughter's time will come, she can make some preliminary preparations. A special gift could be purchased and set aside until the occasion arrives.

A moon pendant or charm might be nice. You might also consider fresh flowers, a moonstone ring, or a calendar she can use to keep track of her menstrual cycles. Another nice idea is to give her a diary or journal. She can use this to record her emotions during the coming months as she leaves girlhood behind and enters this new phase.

Planning a Menarche Party

Menarche is not celebrated as often in the United States as it is in other cultures throughout the world. However, that does not mean that you cannot bring back this tradition and instill it in your own family. This is a big moment in your daughter's life, so a small, intimate gathering seems appropriate.

Naturally, the gathering for your daughter's rite of passage will be impromptu. Keep your list ready of nurturing women in your daughter's life (grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and special friends) to invite. Try to avoid inviting anyone who will make the guest of honor uncomfortable.

Get your daughter involved in the planning of her own menarche celebration. Planning it together is a great way for moms and daughters to bond. The party will also act as an assurance to her that she is not alone. By having women she knows and respects share their personal stories and advice, it's likely she will be more comfortable.

The Theme

Choose a Goddess theme to greet your daughter as she transitions into womanhood. Many women prefer to decorate with many red accents like tablecloths, balloons, and streamers. 

A combination of symbolic colors, particularly red, white, and black, is perfect for the 'womanhood' theme as well. White tends to represent the young woman as a maiden and a virgin. Red is the color for women of child-bearing age, representing the years of fertility. Black symbolizes the elder, wiser woman who has experienced all of these aspects of life.

The Food

No elaborate menu is needed and a simple meal is best. Quite often, just a few snacks, a drink, and a dessert will do just fine.

Dessert can be a simple round cake frosted with white icing or whipped cream to represent the moon. Serve a slice of mooncake with some red colored fruit punch or Virgin Mary drinks for a fun twist.

Activity Ideas

You can choose from any variety of activities to add to the experience. Many women choose to have guests share their own stories of being a woman. These can relate to the physical aspects or to the societal experiences, both challenges, and joys, they have faced. Some mothers choose to invite one guest to be a featured speaker.

Parties are meant to be fun and games and are certainly not out of the question in a menarche celebration. Guessing jars, dart games, door prizes, even "pin the pad on the panty" are all fun options.

While you have a gathering of important women in your daughter's life, you might consider compiling a special keepsake. A book filled with the advice of her elders is a fine idea and something that you can ask for and compile prior to the party. This will give the guests the time to put together heartfelt and meaningful writings if they like.

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