Animal Totems: Cats as Spiritual Messengers

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Learn Lessons and Messages from Cats

Collage of Big Cats
Collage of Big Cats. Canva Collage / Getty Images

Be it a lion, panther, or your domesticated feline, the cat totem has a lesson to teach. A cat's nature is to prowl after dark. Cats have keen eyesight and are also very instinctual. People with cat medicine tend to walk on the dark side and delve into mysterious depths. They are curious and make good detectives.

Cats as Totems

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  • Cheetah
  • Cougar
  • Domestic and Feral Cats
  • Lion Totem
  • Tiger Totem
  • Snow Leopard

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Bobcat Totem
Keeper of Secrets, Bobcat Totem. Kevin Schafer / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: secrecy, lonliness, meditation, trust, loyalty

The bobcat keeps to itself, enjoying a solitary life. Males and females come together for mating purposes in the wintertime but do not live as a family. The loner male is nomadic... and may have several mates stretched out over several different regions. Whereas the females do not wander far from home.

Bobcat has keen senses: seeing, hearing, and feeling. These abilities make the bobcat an excellent nocturnal hunter. Don't even try to hide your true self or keep secrets from a person aligned with bobcat energies, they will see right through you.

People with the bobcat as their totem do tend to be loners or have a few select friends. They value being isolated from others but need to be careful not to become overly reclusive. They are trustworthy individuals and are often told confidences by close friends and mere acquaintances.

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Cheetah Totem
Cheetah Totem. Tim Graham / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages:

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Cougar Totem
Alternate Names: Puma, Panther, Mountain Lion Cougar Totem. Ronald Wittek / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: Personal Power, Assertiveness, Acknowledgement

Talking about the cougar could easily be equated it with a "coming of age" story. Cougar will show you when it is time to review the lessons you have learned from the past and how to best utilize them to come into your personal power. When cougar medicine surfaces it is a time to take action rather than sitting on the sidelines. Own it! Flex your muscles and show your assertiveness.

The cougar does not wait when opportunities arise, it leaps. However, it does not do this nilly-willy, it has the knowledge and tools to be efficient in its making advances.

The cougar is likely to show up in your life, serving as a catalyst when you are struggling with indecision... urging you to take action.

Other names for the cougar include puma, mountain lion, and panther depending on the region. 

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Domestic and Feral Cats

Tabby Cat
Instinctual Healer Tabby Cat. Doxieone Photography / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: independence, curiosity, unpredictability, perceptive

The domestic cat is a favorite pet in peoples' homes. Personality traits of domestic cats can vary depending on the breed. Cats are said to have nine lives, able to get themselves out of dangerous predicaments as easily as they got into them. People with a domestic cat as their totem are often curious and unpredictable. Cat medicine teaches independence and the okay-ness of not following someone else's lead. When a cat totem appears look to see where you can take a leadership role.

Cats in the home often serve the role of healer and will sit near anyone in the household who needs healing, speeding the recovery period. A cat's purring can help reduce his owner's stress or anxieties. Cat purring can ease discomforts such as stomach pain, and also help boost immune systems.It is also important to pay attention to the health of your cat. Cats will often take on the symptoms of ailments being suffered by their humans. When this happens, appreciate their talents as diagnosticians, so take heed. Get your cat to the vet AND make an appointment for yourself to have a health checkup.

Feral cats born on the farm or abandoned on the roadside of a rural setting have a different meaning. When a feral cat makes its appearance ask yourself if you have any abandonment issues to work on. Also, a feral cat as a totem can indicate the wild nature of your personality. A feral cat messenger could be signaling caution, reminding you to be wary of anyone who tries to come near you who you don't know very well.

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Lion Totem

Lion Totem
King of the Jungle Lion Totem. Gallo Images-Will Taylor / Getty Images

Meanings / Messages: nurture, power, cooperation, community, expressing yourself (Roar!)

The lion as a totem carries a group or family energy. They roam the countryside within a pride. Community is very important to them. If lion is your totem then you will have a strong sense of community or a desire to belong to a group.

The lion is known for its magnificent mane and ferocious roar. The roar is a predatory warning. The lion does not wish to fight, but will take a stand to protect the lionesses and cubs in his pride. The lioness' role is hunter and caregiver for the cubs. The young cubs are allowed to play and enjoy life.

When lion totem appears, notice if it is a lion, lioness, or cub. If it is the male then you may need to make sure you are protecting the members of your family. This doesn't mean that you must fight, but to stand up and be seen as strong and willing to fight for them if needed. If it is the lioness, then you may need to review your role as provider and caregiver. Are your children getting their nurturing needs met? If it is the cub that appears, ask yourself if you are allowing enough play into your life?

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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
Visionary / Renewal Snow Leopard. Tom Brakefield / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: Past Life Connections, Secretive, Agility, Awakening

Snow leopard is a member of the leopard and jaguar wild cats. Snow leopard, smaller in size, that other leopards, is the loftier cousin that resides in the mountainous regions of Asia. Asia is an ancient land and for this reason the snow leopard has the reputation of possessing higher knowledge or past life connections.

The snow leopards multi-colored coat give it a camouflage effect, allowing it to stay hidden. This gives it an advantage over its prey but on a spiritual level it gives it a perspective from a distance. If snow leopard is your totem then you have the ability to learn how to step back and see the bigger picture.

This spotted cat is extremely agile due to its environment, scaling mountain ranges and leaping over rocky cliffs. Be grateful if snow leopard totem surfaces when you are struggling, this spirit can teach you how to move past any troubling obstacles that have been blocking your path.

Also, invite the snow leopard to accompany you during meditation if you are interested in getting glimpses into your past life or wishing to become enlightened.

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Tiger Totem

Tiger Totem
Passionate Endeavors Tiger Totem. Tom Breakfield / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: power, devotion to offspring, past life connections, adventuresome

Tiger totem symbolizes power and passion. Tiger medicine is flamboyant with its bold and sleek look. Sensuality and sensitivity are characteristics of tiger medicine. The tiger is not necessarily drawn to family life, but its mating is magnetic and passionate, and mothers are very devoted to their young.

Anyone with the tiger as their totem is likely to be drawn to water. If you look to their natal chart in astrology the water element will be prominent. The tiger prowls at night time. If you are drawing from tiger medicine your best productivity will be in the evening and into the early morning hours.

If tiger makes its appearance you could find yourself drawn to another person with strong karmic ties. Tiger energy is not gentle... you will FEEL things, emotionally deep stuff. But, in the end it will be worthwhile. Tigers are adventuresome animals, so get ready for the ride of your life.