Building 429

Building 429
Building 429. Provident

Building 429 Formed

Building 429 was formed in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2000 by lead singer/primary songwriter, Jason Roy, while he was still in college.

Building 429 Members

  • Jason Roy (lead vocals/guitar/keys)
  • Michael Anderson (drums)
  • Jesse Garcia (guitar/keys/background vocals)
  • Aaron Branch (bass/background vocals))

Former Members

  • Scotty Beshears (bass)
  • Christian Fuhrer (drums)
  • Paul Bowden (guitar)
  • Saul Johnson (drums)

Building 429 Biography

Named after a youth group activity called the "429 Challenge," Building 429 members base their ministry on Ephesians 4:29, building others up through their words and music. From the beginning, the band has toured extensively, playing 100 shows their first year, to do just that.

Signed early on by Word Records, the band released their first EP, Glory Defined, in 2004. Within three weeks, the lead single and title track had shot to the top of Christian Radio Weekly's AC chart. The young band got the attention of fans, critics and radio and went on to be named the Dove Awards New Artist of the Year in 2005. The momentum hasn't slowed down a bit and after over a decade in the industry, Building 429 is still working overtime to lift up the people that hear them.

Building 429 Discography

  • Unashamed, 2015
  • We Won't Be Shaken, 2013 
  • Listen To The Sound, 2011 
  • Building 429, 2008 
  • Glory Defined: The Best Of Building 429, 2008 
  • Iris To Iris, 2007 
  • Rise, 2006
  • Space In Between Us: Expanded Edition, 2005 
  • Space In Between Us, 2004 
  • Glory Defined EP: Limited Edition, 2004

Building 429 Starter Songs

  • "Back To Me"
  • "Fearless"
  • "Free" 
  • "Glory Defined" 
  • "I Believe / Jesus Is The Answer" 
  • "Now That It's Over" 
  • "Singing Over Me" 
  • "Your Love Goes On" 

Building 429 Trivia

  • The "429 Challenge" was something Jason's wife Cortni had participated in as a teen. If someone in the group said something negative about another person, they got a 429 warning and had to say something nice about that person to lift up what they had torn down.
  • The band released two indie CDs and an EP before being signed: Building 429, Preflight and Flight.
  • "Glory Defined" was named BMI’s Christian Song of the Year in 2005.
  • The band was in Mexico, on tour, when Jason got a call from his home church in Clarksville, Tennessee, asking him to fill in for the Worship Pastor during the Christmas service. That call started a new chapter in his life and the overflow has filtered to the band as well.
  • Building 429 has worked extensively with Food for the Hungry.
  • Christian Songs About One

Building 429 News

  • Building 429 is a Top Christian Rock Band
  • Building 429 Gets a Grammy Nomination in 2014
  • Building 429 Nominated as Best Christian Rock Band in 2012 Readers' Choice Awards
  • "The Space Between Us" - The Christian Song of the Week August 8, 2005
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