Bryan Duncan

Bryan Duncan

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Bryan Edward Duncan was born March 16, 1953, in Ogden, Utah, the son of a preacher.

Bryan Duncan's Early Years

While living in North Carolina as a teen, Bryan Duncan began writing songs and playing the guitar. In 1972, as his talent grew, the college student formed the Sweet Comfort Band with drummer Rick Thomson and bassist Kevin Thomson. Sweet Comfort signed with Light Records and released five albums between 1979 and 1983. After their farewell tour in 1984, Bryan went solo, starting on a path that would lead him to over 25 years in the industry.

Bryan Duncan's Solo Career

Opting to stay with Light Records, Duncan recorded two albums before moving to Myrrh for two more releases. In 1989 he switched to Word Records, releasing two more albums before his 1993 release, Mercy, made his shining star go supernova! Five number one hits from Mercy with another five number ones in a row made Bryan Duncan a household name in Christian music.

Over the next 10 years of his contract with Word, Bryan was playing an average of 200 shows a year and getting extremely burned out, fighting addiction and depression on every front.

One divorce, one recovery program and much soul-searching later, Bryan has formed the Nehosoul Band, formed his own record label, Red Road Records (short for Redemption Road Records), started a radio show called Radio Rehab: Road To Redemption and gotten remarried.

Famous Bryan Duncan's Quote


"I've got to admit that I've been really angry over the years at my ineffectual abilities — my inability to sell records very well, or not getting the point across. Being misunderstood by Christians more often than not, I've just sent all the wrong signals. And I've gotten kind of angry, because at some point, I felt like I was supposed to be God's marketing director. God doesn't even want a marketing director. He's saying, 'I'm not in the business of business. I'm into the relationship experience.' I go about representing Christ in the worst ways and thinking that I'm doing Him a favor."

Bryan Duncan Trivia

  • Bryan Duncan has had over 1 million record sales in his 35+ year career.
  • He has won four Dove Awards and was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2007.
  • Duncan has written two books, "Dear God... Really?: Prayers You Won't Hear in Church" and "Hogwash: Ride Smilin'...It Makes People Nervous"
  • Bryan married Cassie on a beach in Maui and not a shoe was in sight!

Bryan Duncan Discography

With NehoSoul Band:

  • Still Dancin, 2008
  • A NehoSoul Christmas, 2005
  • Music City Live, 2005

Solo Albums:

  • Conversations, 2013
  • Joy Ride, 2000
  • Love Takes Time: 17 Timeless Classics, 1999 
  • The Last Time I Was Here, 1998 
  • Blue Skies, 1997 
  • Quiet Prayers, 1996
  • Christmas is Jesus, 1995
  • Unidos En El (Spanish), 1995 
  • Slow Revival, 1994 
  • Mercy, 1992 
  • Anonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend, 1990
  • Whistlin' In the Dark, 1988
  • Holy Rollin', 1986
  • Have Yourself Committed, 1985 

With Sweet Comfort Band:

  • Perfect Timing, 1984
  • Cutting Edge, 1982
  • Hearts of Fire, 1981
  • Hold on Tight, 1980
  • Breaking the Ice, 1979
  • Sweet Comfort, 1977

Bryan Duncan Starter Songs:

  • "Things Are Gonna Change" 
  • "Once I've Arrived" 
  • "El Shaddai/You Are My Hiding Place"
  • "Your Love, My Saving Grace"
  • "Paradise" 
  • "All My Life"
  • "Five Smooth Stone" 
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