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Britt Nicole
Britt Nicole. Sparrow Records

Britt Nicole Born:

Brittany Nicole Waddell was born on August 2, 1985, in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Britt Nicole Quote:

"I believe when we look different and carry something different, people are going to see that and want it too."


Britt Nicole Biography:

When young Britt was only three years old, she started singing in her grandfather's church. By the time she was in high school, she was a regular on the church's daily television program that aired in Charlotte, North Carolina, singing with her brother and cousin.

At an age where most girls are just starting to figure out what they want to do, she had already been on stage at New York's Carnegie Hall with her school's advanced chorus and she knew that singing was her path. She accepted a scholarship from Belmont University to study in their commercial music program. The only problem was that she felt like she wanted college but God wanted something else. She had no peace about it and three weeks before she was supposed to be in Nashville, she turned the scholarship down.

With the help of two producers from Salisbury who formed an indie label to showcase her music, Britt cut a 9-song album called, Follow the Call but simply having music on hand wasn't enough. Her parents kept telling her what God was also putting in her heart - that she had to do something with it instead of challenging God with thoughts like "OK, God, do something. You called me. Now do it."

The young singer started calling churches in her area, booking herself and building up a local following. By the time she had her CD release party, 600 people lined up early at the door. God took her effort and multiplied it. Before long, her CD fell into the hands of a Nashville booking agent and a management company. She continued to perform and grow as an artist and a songwriter. From there, it was showcased in North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee and after five years as an indie artist, Sparrow Records signed her.

Britt Nicole Discography:

  • The Remixes, 2015
  • Gold, 2012 
  • Acoustic EP, 2010 
  • The Lost Get Found, 2009
  • Say It, 2007

Britt Nicole Starter Songs:

  • "Ready" 
  • "Headphones"
  • "Good Day" 
  • "Believe"

Britt Nicole Notes:

Britt Nicole News:

Britt Nicole Official:

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