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Introducing Your Child to Spirituality and Wellness

Spiritual Books and Games for Children
Spiritual Books and Games for Children. Canva Collage / Book Covers Courtesy of Amazon

Introduce a child to spirituality through the world of books and games. When is the last time your played with your child? Make some reading memories for your children or grandchildren.

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Chakra Energy Yoga Game

Energize All Seven Chakra Centers with Yoga Poses Chakra Energy Yoga Game. (c) Spiraling Hearts

Spiraling Hearts was awarded The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for their Chakra Energy Yoga Game. Learn yoga while playing bingo. Find the pose on your bingo board and do that pose. Get four poses in a row and shout YOGA!

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Storytime Yoga

Age Level: Pre K - 6 Storytime Yoga. The Mythic Yoga Studio

Sub title: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story

Awakening youngsters to yoga. What better time to introduce children to yoga practice, than when their bodies are naturally flexible! This book not only teaches yoga poses but enchants the reader with magical stories from around the world.

Author: Sydney Solis

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What Makes A Rainbow: A Magic Ribbon Book

Age Level: Preschool/Kindegarten What Makes A Rainbow. Piggy Toes Press

Rainbows of ribbons string the colorful pages together of this delightful children's book.Children learn the colors through the eyes of forest creatures and crawly bugs.

Author: Betty Ann Schwartz
Illustrator: Dona Turner


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The Mole and the Owl

a romantic fable about braving the wide world for love The Mole and the Owl. Hampton Roads

Age Level: Grades 6-8 (ageless really!)

Breaking free of misplaced social boundaries and the logic of our rigid mentalities, Charles Duffie's tale of The Mole and the Owl, warms the heart, allowing our romantic yearnings to soar high in the horizons. The emotions stirred by this poetic fable range from cheers to tears.
Read my full review

Author: Charles Duffie

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The Friendly Snowflake

A Fable of Faith, Love, and Family The Friendly Snowflake. Andrews McMeel Pub

Age Level: K-5

Children's Fable - A snowflake named Harry answers universal life questions asked by a little girl named Jenny. Delightful story!

Author: M. Scott Peck

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Sonny's Dream

Sonny's Dream. Hampton Roads

Age Level: K-5

Story of a grizzly cub who dreamt of red monster fish who soon overcame his fear and grew up to be a master fisher. This book is dedicated to all friends who have bad dreams.

Author: Noriko Senshu

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Timeless American Classic A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. HarperCollins

Age Level: Grades 6-8

This is the coming of age story of Francie, a girl in the slums of turn-of-the-century Brooklyn. Francie grows up with a sweet, tragic father, a severely realistic mother and a favored younger brother. She learns early the meaning of hunger and the value of a penny. She faces the disappointments life brings, including not being allowed the luxury of a high school diploma.

Author: Betty Smith

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Meru and the Magic Thread

Tale of Love, Innocence and Faith Meru and the Magic Thread. Trafford

Age Level: 8+

Reader Book Suggestion

Sarah says:  In our society we have taught our children to ignore the intuitive feelings they have by telling them not to worry or that what they are feeling isn't right. This book nurtures the intuitive level. This story is a beautifully written tale of Love, Innocence, and Faith. A young boy takes a journey and faces many challenges along the way. He uses only the purity of his nature to overcome the obstacles presented along the way. I thought this was a very impressive way to teach children to use their intuitions. I recommend every parent pick this up and read it with their child. It leaves room for discussion and has a reference dictionary for the larger words at the bottom of each page. This book is what the kids of our world need, it teaches love, faith, and gives the child a new way to deal with everyday trials. Great book!

  • I would suggest ages 8 and over.
  • Parents will even love this!

Authors: Marla Hanson, Scarlet Eskildsen

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Fairy Lullabies

Fairy Wisdom Fairy Lullabies. O Books

Age Level: Nursery/Preschool

Enchanting nursery storybook explores the magical land of fairies, elves, pixies, brownies, gnomes, and woodland goblins. This is a delightful bedtime story. This is a delightful bedtime storybook. I read it out loud (in hushed tones of course) to myself and thought about the times I read bedtime stories to my children when they were no bigger than "wee." This fantasy fairytale book goes on the bookshelf next to my personal edition of Mother Goose rhymes. It's a keeper!

Authors: Alan and Linda Parry

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The Healer of Harrow Point

Coming of Age The Healer of Harrow Point. Hampton Roads

Age Level: 11-13

Coming of age story of a twelve year old boy struggling with a desire to please his hunter father and his love of nature and animals.

Author: Peter Walpole

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Teen Angels: Inspirational Deck of Angel Cards

 Age Level: Tweens and Teens

The teen years can be a difficult and confusing time. These colorful and youthful looking cards serve as a reminder that none of us are ever alone, the angels are always with us. 

Review my Teen Angels Slide Show, featuring this fun deck

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The Floppy Sleep Game Book

Enchanting book and CD set that helps parents assist their children toward relaxation and helping them to gently fall asleep. The author includes advice for parents with special needs children (ADHD, autism, bipolar, and other disorders).

Author: Patti Teel