Top Books About Angels And Spirit Guides

Reading recommendations for learning about communicating with and channeling guidance from your angels and spirit guides. Also embracing the love energy of angels and spirit helpers.

Spirit Guides

Book cover of Iris Belhayes' Book, Spirit Guides
Book: Spirit Guides. © Phylameana lila Desy

Sub Title: We Are Not Alone
Author: Iris Belhayes with Enid

There is knowledge written in this book that offers answers to questions that we have all asked ourselves. I recommend it to all seekers and healers.

I originally ordered this book sight unseen in the mid-eighties through a new age catalog shortly after its first publication date (May 1986) because the title intrigued me. Once the book was in my hands I was at first pleased by its alluring artwork on the front cover of butterflies and winged spirits. Flipping to the back cover, I peered at Iris Belhayes' photograph. This woman looked as though she was very much in tune with the nature of spirit. Honestly, she looked to me as if she might very well be a magical leprechaun that would turn and disappear into the forest at any moment, thus making me think that my eyes had been tricked. The twinkle in her eyes jumped out at me so naturally that I was certain I would find her writings to be exceptional. I was right.

The 181 pages are packed full of useful and delightful information to whom she gives credit to Enid, a spirit guide she channels. Two approaches can be used in accepting these messages from Enid. Enid may be thought of as an actual spirit being living in the spiritual realm, the other side, etc. Or it could also be thought that Iris Belhayes has tapped in a deep inner knowing within her own wisdom. Either way, her writings are inspirational.

The basis of her book is to help give us clearer idea of who we are and who our spirit friends are and what our relationships are to one another. Brief summerizations of the ten chapters are :

  • why we incarnated into our physical forms
  • how we set up our life purpose or plan
  • how we relate to the Universe as separate entities
  • definitions of the spirit world
  • communications with our spirit guides
  • classifications of the types of spirit guides
  • life and death experiences
  • altered states: trance, sleep, drug-induced
  • projected fears of ghosts, demons, monsters
  • ways to communicate with your spirit guides

There is knowledge written in this book that offers answers to questions that we have all asked ourselves. For me personally, reading the information written on the pages of this book brought about some validation of personal feelings and inner knowings that were coming to surface for me during an earlier questioning period of my life. I loaned out my original copy to someone who failed to return it. I quickly purchased a replacement copy for my home library. I recommend it to all seekers and healers.

Angels 101

Book Cover: Angels 101
Angels 101. Hay House Publications

Sub Title: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels
Author: Doreen Virtue

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Become an Earth Angel

Book Cover: Become an Earth Angel
Become an Earth Angel. Findhorn Press

Sub Title: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service
Author: Sonja Grace

Energy medicine healer Sonja Grace calls herself an Earth Angel. What does it mean exactly to be an Earth Angel? Well, apparently it involves being aligned with love, non-judgement, and following a path of service to humans and the planet earth.

Her book Become an Earth Angel is intended to be used as a guide for other "earth angels" who are in the process of finding their wings. Chapters one through seven detail many aspects of healing and information about the evolution of the human race's incarnation on the planet. 

The role of angels is described in helping souls advance during their human incarnations and overall shifting the consciousness of humanity. 

People who you may have heard of that Sonja has called out as Earth Angels include:

Donna Eden
Barbara Brennan
Cyndi Dale
Margaret Ann Huston
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sonja has an interesting theory about karma regarding our emotional wounds and past lives. She says our emotions create "karmic threads." She doesn't follow common belief of our good and bad actions affecting karma being balanced Rather, she teaches what has been called karma is any emotional attachments ( feelings of abandonment, fear, guilt, shame, ridicule, etc) that we carry over with us again and again in our incarnations.

Patterns of individual emotional hurts will also bleed out through our interactions with others and create collective karma.. or shared sorrows. 

Sonja says our planet has evolved from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension. She dates the third dimension ending around 21,000 B.C, before the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. This was a time of survival of the fittest, tribal living combative natures, and power struggles.... especially concerning who had power and dominance over food and water sources. The fourth dimension which still has residual effects correlates with the heart chakra (our emotions and love). In the fifth the focus is on sound... the throat chakra

Messengers of Light

Angel Books by Terry Lynn Taylor
Messengers of Light / Guardians of Hope. © Phylameana lila Desy

Sub Title: The Angels' Guide to Spiritual Growth
Author: Terry Lynn Taylor

Also, Terry Lynn Taylor's companion book titled Guardians of Hope: The Angels' Guide to Personal Growth.

Angels - The Lifting of the Veil

angels lifting of the veil book cover
Angels, The Lifting of the Veil. courtesy of the publisher

Sub Title: How To Open the Door to the Angelic Realm
Authors: Thomas Keller and Deborah S. Taylor

My review for chapter 8 of Angels, The Lifting of the Veil is part of my Infinity ∞ Series of chapter reviews.

Angel and Spirit Card Decks

Angels of Atlantis
Angels of Atlantis. Angels of Atlantis

In addition to having books about angels in your personal library, you'll want to own at least one deck of angel-inspired cards for further exploration.

Suggested Decks

A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels

Dictionary of Angels Bookcover
Dictionary of Angels. courtesy of Amazon

Author: Gustav Davidson

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