Meet Christian Rapper Bobby Bishop

Bobby Bishop
Bobby Bishop. Chosen/EMG/Universal

Bobby Bishop Born

February 20, 1976, in the Boston area

Bobby Bishop Quote

"Instead of just entertaining at shows, I usually end up asking the crowd how their day went. I learn the names of the people in the front row, thank them for being there and bribe them to stay with the promise of a free CD. By the end, I usually feel like I’ve made friends. On the up side, this opens doors for real conversation and often prayer. Adversely, I relinquish my “star quality” by hanging out with “fans” outside of an exclusive autograph tent. Instead of doing them a “favor” by performing for them, I’d rather they walk away feeling as though they've done me a solid by joining in."

From 2009 interview

Bobby Bishop The Early Years

Raised with a twin brother and a younger sister in a quiet Boston suburb, Bobby Bishop fell in love with hip-hop as a young boy. As a teen, he began writing rap music himself and in college, he recorded his first track in a friend's basement. During his sophomore year, he accepted a position as youth pastor at a nearby urban center. While his rapping skills didn't give him instant street credibility, they did help him connect with the youth that he encountered.

Several indie projects brought him to the attention of a record label, and he signed his first national recording contract in 2005.

Bobby Bishop Hits the National Scene

Bobby's debut release on Beatmart, Government Name, hit stores in 2005. Combining talent, heart, great lyrics and killer beats, the CD was so well-received that MTV placed several cuts off of the project into rotation on some of the network’s most popular shows: Pimp My Ride, Next, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Date My Mom and more.

One Shot, Bobby’s second major project, was released in 2006, a year before Bobby signed with Chosen. The musical story (or “hip-hopera”) told a fictional tale of life in the neighborhood and was the jumping off point for the "One Shot" tour with new label-mates, The Wrecking.

Trivia Facts About Bobby Bishop

  • He has such a thing for sneakers that if there was a program to get away from the kicks, he could easily join.
  • He is a big fan of Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell reruns.
  • He speaks Spanish fluently.
  • He has a twin brother who has earned his MD and Ph.D.
  • His "day job" is that of a social worker, helping abused and neglected kids.

Bobby Bishop Discography

  • Everyday Man, 2009
  • Community Music (EP), 2008
  • One Shot, 2006
  • Government Name, 2005
  • The Hip-Hop Alternative (Community's Call), 2003

Bobby Bishop Starter Songs

  • "This Question"
  • "Get Down"
  • "Hype"
  • "Please" 
  • "Amy's Song"