Blood Magic in Witchcraft

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In some magical traditions, the use of blood is a powerful tool. Despite the dramatic effects you'll see in movies and on television, most witches use blood magic only rarely, and for very specific purposes. It's not something that's undertaken on a whim, but with proper safety precautions, blood magic can be a mighty boost to spellwork.

Blood magic doesn't mean illegal activities taking place with some weird cult in the shadows. In other words, blood magic is really no big deal and it doesn't have to be messy or gory.

Key Takeaways: Blood Magic

  • Blood magic doesn't have to be gory or messy, and it's not illegal.
  • In most forms of witchcraft, blood magic is seen as a very powerful experience, not to be taken lightly.
  • If you decide to practice blood magic, do so safely, with proper precautions.

Why Use Blood in Magic?

Why would blood be used in magic spells? Think about this for a minute: blood is associated not only with death, but with life. It's a symbol of both pain and love. Taking blood can destroy a life, but giving it can save one. Blood is one of the ultimate magical paradoxes, and its use doesn't have to be scary or malevolent.

Cultures around the world have included blood in magical practices for ages, and it's found in a variety of magical traditions throughout history. Blood magic is simply the use of a few drops of your own blood to create a magical bond between yourself and the spell. Most experienced practitioners agree that blood magic isn't for beginners—because there are plenty of other things you can use for magical links before you get to the powerful use of your own blood. Try doing work with hair, nail clippings, or saliva before you move on to blood.

Types of Spells

There are different ways you can use blood in magic, and none of it has to be harmful. Consider using it in protection magic, healing spells, and even fertility magic. Incorporate it into your regular magical workings.

Candle Magic

To do a simple protection spell with blood magic, you can do a bit of candle magic and add blood to give it a boost. Use a black candle for this spell.

Talismans, Amulets, and Charm Bags

If you've got some healing magic to do, crafting a talisman, amulet, or charm bag is a great approach.


In some magical traditions, petitions or requests are written on paper and sent to the spirits or the gods. If you want to bring fertility, prosperity, or abundance your way, write a petition to the deities or spirits of your practice.

Divination Tools

Some people anoint their magical and divinatory tools—rune stones, Tarot cards, athames, or wands—to create a more powerful magical link between themselves and the tools.


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