Bibe Angels: Archangel Raguel, Angel of Justice, Deals With Sin

The Bible's Book of Revelation Describes Raguel Delivering Judgment from God

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Archangel Raguel, angel of justice and harmony, carries out God's judgment against sin during the end times, the Bible describes in an early version of the Book of Revelation. Lucidio Studio Inc. / Photographer's Choice RF / Getty Images

Archangel Raguel, who is known as the angel of justice and harmony, has a long history of fighting injustice caused by sin so people can live in harmony with God and each other. During the end times, Raguel helps deliver some of God's judgment against sin in the world, according to an early version of the Bible's Book of Revelation, and Jewish and Christian tradition.

Separating the Faithful from the Unfaithful

Although current translations of the Bible don't mention Raguel, scholars say that Raguel was named in early manuscripts of the Bible’s Book of Revelation. An early part of the Book of Revelation that isn't included in current versions describes Raguel as one of God's assistants separating those who have been faithful to Jesus Christ from those who haven't: " ...the angels shall come forth, having a golden censer and shining lamps; and they shall gather together on the Lord's right hand those who have lived well, and done his will, and he shall make them to dwell for ever and ever in light and joy, and they shall obtain life everlasting. And when he shall separate the sheep from the goats, that is, the righteous from the sinners, the righteous on the right, and the sinners on the left; then shall he send the angel Raguel, saying: Go and sound the trumpet for the angels of cold and snow and ice, and bring together every kind of wrath upon those that stand on the left. Because I will not pardon them when they see the glory of God, the impious and unrepentant, and the priests who did not what was commanded. You who have tears, weep for the sinners."

In their book Angels A to Z, James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver write that the passage shows that Raguel occupies a "prestigious position" as "assistant to God." It’s interesting to note that Raguel’s name means "friend of God."

A Cataclysmic Event

Jewish and Christian tradition also identifies Raguel as the second of seven angels in Revelation chapter 8 who blow their trumpets before delivering various judgments from God on a sinful world. Raguel is angel to whom Revelation 8:8 refers. Revelation 8:8-9 records: "The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea. A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed."

In his book The Revelation of John: Explained, Clarence Edward Farnsworth writes: "The second angel is Raguel, he of the red horse and the great sword. Evidently the cataclysm here described is to occur in the region where the sword of battle is red with slaughter."

What's really happening in this vision of the future? Tim LaHaye and Edward E. Hindson write in their book The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy: Over 140 Topics from the World's Foremost Prophecy Experts: "With the sounding of the second trumpet, the horror on Earth accelerates ... Some have suggested the mountain falling into the ocean represents a mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion that pollutes the waters. Other possibilities exist, however."

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