Best Mobile Bible Software

Bible Software for iPhone and Other Mobile Devices

This collection of best mobile Bible software features reviews of top Bible software applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Pocket PC, and other portable PDA devices. These recommendations include free Bible software and programs for purchase from today's leading electronic publishers of portable Bible software applications.

Pocket e-Sword

e-Sword Bible Reader
e-Sword Bible Reader. Image: © Sue Chastain

Pocket e-Sword is a free Bible reader application for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices. In addition to the e-Sword application, there are several free Bible translations and Bible study tools which you can load onto your device for use with the e-Sword program. Newer Bible versions and more advanced study tools can also be purchased from the e-Sword site--there are more than 100 texts for e-Sword available in multiple languages. One nice thing about e-Sword is that there is an excellent Windows desktop version as well, so if you are familiar with e-Sword on your PC, the PDA version should be just as comfortable to you.

• Reviewed by Sue Chastain.

Olive Tree Bible App for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac

BibleReader Favorites
Olive Tree's catalog offers an extensive range of resources including Bible versions, devotionals, dictionaries, ebooks, study tools, etc., which are all stored directly on your device so no Internet connection is required for reading. Image: © Sue Chastain

Olive Tree Bible App is a free Bible application for mobile devices including iPhone and iPad, Pocket PC, Android, and more. Olive Tree offers the BibleReader application as a free download, along with several free Bible versions, and hundreds of other free resources such as devotionals, commentaries, and eBooks--in English and several other languages. In addition, they offer many popular Bible versions and study tools which can be purchased separately or in bundles. I have tried a handful of other free mobile Bible apps, and I prefer Olive Tree primarily for its launching speed and ease of navigation within the program.

• Reviewed by Sue Chastain.

Laridian PocketBible for Windows

Laridian PocketBible Workspace
Laridian PocketBible Workspace. Image: © Mary Fairchild

Laridian PocketBible for Windows is a portable yet powerful Bible application for use on your desktop PC, laptop, or tablet PC. What makes this software so unique is that it is designed to run entirely from a USB flash drive. You can either install and run the program from your computer's hard drive or directly from the flash drive, wherever you go! If you're like me ​when you travel you like to have access to all of the same information available on your home computer, including your Bible. PocketBible for Window makes it simple. If you study the Bible at home on your desktop PC, you can easily take the program with you to the office, to school, or on a trip.

• Reviewed by Mary Fairchild,'s Guide to Christianity.

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