The Best Christian Vacation Destinations

Herods Palace Ruins and the Hippodrome along the water in Caesarea, Israel

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Have you always wanted to experience a life-changing adventure that will ignite your faith, enhance your Bible knowledge, and strengthen you spiritually? These trips represent the best Christian vacations. Each one is designed to fortify the foundations of your faith while you enjoy an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

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Trip to Israel

The birthplace of Jesus Christ, symbolized by the fourteen-point silver star beneath the altar in the Nativity Grotto at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

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Visit the birthplace of Jesus in Nazareth. See where the battle of Armageddon will take place near Megiddo. Cross over the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on water. Take a drive on the coast of the Dead Sea. Have lunch in Abraham's Tent and then effortlessly float in the salt concentrated waters of the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem is the highlight of your trip, where you will see where Jesus was crucified, the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Hezekiah's Tunnel, and take part in a Seder meal. A trip to Israel allows you to experience just a taste of the Bible's richness. You will never read your Bible in the same way again.

Israel Trip Information

  • Typical Length: 10+ days
  • Average Cost: $3000 to $5000
  • Best Time of Year: Spring and fall; lower prices November to March

Israel Tours:

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Footsteps of Paul Tour

Ruins of the Temple of Apollo in Corinth on the Footsteps of Paul Tour
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Imagine retracing the steps of the Apostle Paul and experiencing a glimpse of his missionary journeys. Travel through Macedonia where Paul was called to go in a dream. See Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) and Berea where Paul observed the eagerness of the believers to study the Word.

Then journey south to Corinth, Rhodes, and then to Patmos to discover the place where the Apostle John was exiled and wrote the book of Revelation. Visit Athens where Paul preached his relevant sermon revealing the "Unknown God." Then travel on to Ephesus to see where the Ephesian church was birthed. A Footsteps of Paul tour will take you down the road from present to past, from the modern to ancient worlds where Christianity was first spread to the Gentiles.

Footsteps of Paul Information

  • Typical Length: 10+ days
  • Average Cost: $3000 to $5000
  • Best Time of Year: Spring and early fall

Journeys of Paul:

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Christian Cruise

Christian cruise on Sitka Sound, Alaska

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A cruise is one of the best all inclusive vacation packages for people on a vacation budget. In other words, everything (and there's always plenty to do on a cruise) is included and planned for you.

A Christian cruise will incorporate teaching seminars, inspirational speakers, and spiritually uplifting entertainment. You will enjoy fellowship with like-minded people, and worship the Lord with live praise as you sail. The types of Christian cruises offered are limitless, including singles cruises, family, couples, seniors, and retreat Cruises.

Christian Cruise Information

  • Typical Length: Varies from 3 to 8 days
  • Average Cost: $399+
  • Best Time of Year: Any
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C.S. Lewis/Oxford England Tour

Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College in Oxford, England against a blue sky

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C.S. Lewis admirers won't be able to resist a chance to explore the hometown of the famous British author in Oxford, England. You might even happen to meet C. S. Lewis there (thanks to actor David Payne).

Visit historic sites in Oxford, Cambridge, and London, or perhaps even join the C.S. Lewis Foundation for a summer seminar in residence. These educational programs offer creative and intellectual opportunities to expand your scholarly horizons while enjoying a cultural and spiritual adventure. Spend the night in C.S. Lewis' beloved home, "The Kilns," and live out one of your most memorable vacation experiences.

C.S. Lewis & Oxford England Tour Information

  • Typical Length: 7 to 14 days
  • Average Cost: Minimum of $3000
  • Best Time of Year: Summer

Touring Oxford and Lewis' Home:

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European Reformation Tour

A sunny day at Wartburg Castle, where exiled Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German​

Robert Scarth / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Learn about the lives and accomplishments of the key reformers in the Protestant Reformation as you travel through the heart of Europe. Visit the birthplace of Martin Luther, see the monastery where he experienced revelations about the gospel of grace, and view the church where he nailed his 95 Theses to the door.

Also, tour the castle where he labored to translate the New Testament into German. Learn about Scottish Reformers, John Knox and Ulrich Zwingli, the first to practice expository, or verse-by-verse teaching of the Word. A highlight of the trip includes a visit to John Calvin's church in Geneva, Switzerland.

European Reformation Tour Information

  • Typical Length: 10 Days
  • Average Cost: Minimum of $3000
  • Best Time of Year: Spring, summer, and fall

Historic Tours of the Reformation:

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Short-Term Mission Trip

Young volunteer workers prepare toys to give to needy children

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A short-term mission trip is almost guaranteed to impact your spiritual condition and change your life like no other adventure.

Use your skills, gifts, and talents to reach out to the world in need. Be an extension of God's hands and heart to people in other cultures. Develop new and lasting relationships with people you thought you'd never meet, but soon will never forget. Go beyond your comfort zone and gain a worldview that will change your prayer life. You will never be the same again.

Mission Trip Information

  • Typical Length: 7 to 14 days
  • Average Cost: $1000+
  • Best Time of Year: Any

Short-Term Mission Trips:

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Biblical Tour in Orlando

A painting of John Wycliffe (1324 to 1384) reading his translation of the Bible

For an affordable North American vacation, consider taking a biblical tour in Orlando, Florida. This adventure can be enjoyed in as short as two days, or spend a week and visit other Orlando attractions.

The tour includes a stop at the WordSpring Discovery Center where you can explore the history of the Bible, world languages, and the work of Bible translation with live presentations by Wycliffe personnel.

Next, visit the Jesus Film Studio Tour and discover how God is changing lives around the world with the Jesus Film.

Another highlight of your trip will take you to the Holy Land Experience, a living biblical theme park that includes a large collection of biblical antiquities called The Scriptorium. Take a journey through the Bible's pages and see ancient Jerusalem as it was 2,000 years ago. Also experience reenactments of Jesus' life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

Orlando Biblical Tour Information

  • Typical Length: 2 to 7 days
  • Average Cost: $159+
  • Best Time of Year: Any

Florida Attractions for Christians:

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