The 7 Best Christian Subscription Boxes of 2021

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Traditional gifts are lovely and thoughtful, but a well-chosen subscription box is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year. For believers who love surprises, a faith-based subscription box will not only brighten someone's day once but will bring joy and inspiration far beyond the holiday or celebrated milestone.

To curate this selection of best Christian subscription boxes, we've reviewed several unique, quality options sure to produce joy, blessings, inspiration, and a more meaningful walk of faith. Whether you're looking to inspire yourself or someone else to grow spiritually, commit to a more focused devotional time, develop a deeper prayer life, or simply to enjoy an uplifting pastime, you can't go wrong with one of these Christian subscription boxes. Take a look and find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for your family, friends, and beyond.

The 7 Best Christian Subscription Boxes

Best Overall: Faithbox



Faithbox is a high-quality, monthly subscription service designed to strengthen your relationship with God. Each month is built around a specific theme to help you concentrate on your spiritual life, connect with God, and do something good by giving back to the community. Theme examples include purpose, commitment, fearlessness, anxiety, resilience, and boldness, to name a few.

In each box, members will find Everyday Faith, an original 31-day devotional with Scriptures, prayers, and suggestions for reflection and action. It also contains a hand-painted card with an inspirational quote to keep or give to a friend. Most months, you'll receive a theme-related book from well-known Christian writers like Lysa TerKeurst, Bob Goff, Mark Batterson, and Max Lucado to further inspire you.

Also included are items like jewelry, coffee, tea, and more that are sourced from organizations worldwide that give back some of their revenues to help with poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, and other worthy causes.

A monthly Faithbox membership costs about $35 per month; the quarterly plan is roughly $100, billed every three months; and the yearly plan costs about $384. All three plans include shipping. Two lower-cost options (starting at about $18 per month) are Faithpak, which has only the monthly devotional, books, prayer cards, and spiritual inventory, and Faithpak Mobile (starting at around $8 per month), containing the devotional and books to download to your mobile device or computer.

Best Budget: FairHope's Promise Puzzles

Promise Puzzles

 Promise Puzzles

FairHope's Promise Puzzles is a monthly Christian subscription box service featuring an original, Scripture-inspired, jigsaw puzzle series.

Each month you can either send or receive a beautiful, 300-piece premium puzzle based on one of God's promises in the Bible. You'll also get a 30-day devotional based on the Bible verse of each puzzle and a surprise gift. If you know someone who loves working on puzzles, a Promise Puzzles subscription is a thoughtful way to encourage and inspire their faith while showing them you care.

The month-to-month plan is about $17, plus 5.99 for shipping and handling.

Best Personalized: InJoyBox



Do you know a woman faced with a long, hard cancer battle, a man challenged with the pain of divorce, a friend mired in grief, or a child who feels alone and unloved? InJoyBox care packages are specifically designed to spread sunshine and hope to men, women, and children, and you can choose the box that best fits your loved one's needs. 

Inside the box, the recipient will discover thoughtful items with cheerful, uplifting sayings, (like a coffee mug or water bottle), a specialty food item to sample, jewelry, inspiring daily quotes, beauty, and personal care items, candles, magnets, coffee, tea, fashion accessories, and more. You can send a one-time gift, or keep the joy flowing with a monthly reminder of how much you care.

InJoy boxes are about $45 plus shipping, or you can choose a prepaid plan to save a few dollars and get free shipping. The full-size packages include seven to nine items and at least one personalized gift with the recipient's name on it. The Mini InJoyBox, which contains three to four items, is around $25, plus shipping. But, if you prefer, it can be prepaid to help you save on shipping.

Best Holy Land-Inspired: Artza



Artza is an exceptional quarterly subscription box service designed to follow Jesus Christ's footsteps and capture the experience of being in the Holy Land of Israel. Each box features authentic, high-quality items from Israel that you can experiment with and enjoy.

The idea behind Artza is to deliver the spirit of Israel through an immersive experience. In the box, you'll find something for the body and soul, items to inspire and learn, and products to taste and share. Authentic foods, soaps, beauty products, spices, and crafts are all made by local Israeli artisans exclusively for Artza subscription boxes.

Subscribers can learn the story behind the goods they sample from both modern and ancient Israel. Maybe you can't travel to Israel, but you can experience it uniquely while helping to support some of the people who live there.

Artza offers a regular quarterly subscription that costs about $270 per year or Artza Premium, which contains everything in the standard box, plus one or two additional items for $340.

Best for Gifts: Hopebox



Hopebox is a Christian subscription box service tailor-made for sending thoughtful, superior quality gifts of comfort, sympathy, concern, or gratitude to someone you care about deeply.

Inside each box comes an assortment of handmade treasures, along with a personalized letter meant to encourage or celebrate the recipient. If you're looking to send an upbeat and handcrafted, one-of-a-kind gift of hope, then Hopebox has you covered.

You can order individual, one-time gift boxes, or subscribe to a monthly plan. Save a few dollars with prepaid plans for three, six, or 12 months. The Light box is about $48 (includes handmade items and letter); the Classic is around $63 (includes more than 10 handmade items and a letter); and the Chest is roughly $89 (includes more than 15 handmade items and letter). Prices include shipping.

Best for Women: Loved+Blessed



Loved + Blessed is a Christian subscription box service and vibrant community designed to give women of faith the tools they need to choose joy and live with hope every day.

Membership includes a monthly care package loaded with encouragement, weekly online video courses, downloadable life-application workbooks, and fellowship with other like-minded women. Each month focuses on a different topic with a biblical message to help you grow in your walk of faith, no matter your circumstances.

Inside the box, members will find a keepsake theme card, an inspirational mini poster and sticker, a special gift, a kit to help you pass on hope to someone in your life, and a Scripture card. In addition, Loved + Blessed sells other themed gifts such as Blessing Bundles (Get Well Soon, Praying Until Something Happens, Bless This Home, Congratulations, and With Heartfelt Sympathy), care packages, and loads of custom designed gifts and kits you can send to brighten someone's day.

A monthly membership costs about $25 and includes free shipping, or you can save quite a bit by prepaying for a three-month plan. Loved + Blessed donates a portion of the proceeds from every box to the Union Rescue Mission to aid the homeless.

Best for Book Lovers: Truly Yours

Truly Yours Fiction

 Truly Yours Fiction

Truly Yours is a subscription service created by Barbour Publishing exclusively for book lovers, and especially those eager to discover the latest in Christian fiction.

Your first shipment includes one additional free book. After that, every four to six weeks you'll receive a brand-new Christian fiction novel from Barbour's pool of authors—both established and rising—like Wanda E. Brunstetter and Michelle Griep. All of the books feature a solid Christian message; most fall into the romance genre and showcase historical and contemporary settings.

Truly Yours offers a guarantee, so if you don't like one of the books, you can return it at no charge. The service costs about $10 plus tax, and shipping is free. You can also skip shipments and cancel at any time.

What Is a Christian Subscription Box?

A Christian subscription box is a care package that arrives in the mail, typically once a month or once a quarter. The subscription, geared towards personal growth and spiritual encouragement, can be sent to someone else as a gift or subscribed to by an individual.

How Does a Christian Subscription Box Work?

Christian subscription boxes usually focus on a particular theme, such as spiritual growth, encouragement for hard times, milestone celebrations, devotionals, prayers, or an interest or hobby, like reading or travel. Active subscribers typically receive a box delivered to their doorstep each month or each quarter.

What Is Included in a Christian Subscription Box?

Christian subscription boxes usually include devotionals, Bible studies, posters, cards, quotes, books, ideas for giving back to the community or passing on encouragement. Often included are also unique inspirational products like T-shirts, jewelry, personal care items, specialty foods, candles, tea, and more.

How We Chose the Best Christian Subscription Boxes

With no shortage of Christian subscription box services offered, we carefully looked at options that stood out from the rest. The following factors played a key role when ranking the subscription boxes contained in this review: quality, unique services, pricing a solid, biblical foundation, and reputation.

Faithbox earned the top spot on our list for its tiered subscription options, and balance of reading materials and items that give back to organizations around the world, while Promise Puzzles made our list for its affordability and the way it seamlessly mixed faith with fun. Hopebox, on the other hand, stood out for its handmade and highly-individual items—ideal for gifting.

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