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Using electric guitars, passionate vocals and drum kits beating out killer backbeats, Christian rock is a way to share the Message of Hope with people in churches who want more than traditional hymns and to those outside of the church that don't know Jesus.

If you are new to the genre', this is a list of essential albums that will help start off any collection.

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Switchfoot — 'The Beautiful Letdown' (2003)

Switchfoot's fourth studio album was the first in their catalog to release to both the mainstream market and the Christian market. It received critical acclaim, spent months in the charts, won five Dove Awards and went multi-platinum because it didn't stick to one single format and had honest and meaningful lyrics.

  • Certified RIAA Gold - December 16, 2003
  • Certified RIAA Platinum - May 05, 2004
  • Certified RIAA Double Platinum - December 09, 2004

Essential Songs from The Beautiful Letdown:

  • "Adding To The Noise" 
  • "Meant to Live"
  • "Dare You To Move" ​- Certified RIAA Gold as a single April 28, 2005
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Third Day — 'Wherever You Are' (2005)

We saw a softer, gentler side of Third Day with Wherever You Are, and it's no surprise that the Dove Awards Pop Contemporary Song of the Year in 2006 came from the album. The pop overtones don't take away from the depth or the rock flavor of this intensely personal release.
Essential Songs from Wherever You Are:

  • "Love Heals Your Heart" 
  • "Mountain Of God"
  • "The Sun Is Shining"
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NEEDTOBREATHE — 'The Heat' (2007)

From the melodic worship ballads to the all-out rockers, The Heat is filled with a fire that belies the young age of the band. Songs that make you sit up, take notice and then really listen to the lyrics are always winners in my book and this disc is full of them.
Essential Songs from The Heat:

  • "Streets Of Gold"
  • "Moving On"
  • "More Time"
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The Almost — 'Fear Inside Our Bones' (2013)

Each song on Fear Inside Our Bones finds Aaron Gillespie and the rest of The Almost crew grow and change and we, the listeners, get to sit back and enjoy the ride without having to do the work.

Essential Songs from Fear Inside Our Bones:

  • "Come On"
  • "So What"
  • "Love Is Coming Down"
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Krystal Meyers — 'Krystal Meyers' (2005)

Some called her "the Christian Avril Lavigne," and Krystal Meyers' debut album lives up to the moniker in spades. Her guitar skills match her powerful voice and her lyrical prowess, making this a great album for rock fans.
Essential Songs from Krystal Meyers:

  • "Fire"
  • "Sing For Me"
  • "Fall to Pieces"
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BarlowGirl — 'Barlowgirl' (2004)

One of my "bands to watch" of 2004, BarlowGirl as a band and as an album is a breath of fresh air. None of the songs go where you expect them to musically and the lyrics go far beyond the surface. The musicianship and vocals are all top quality and the production is just right ... not overblown, but not "just not quite enough."

Essential Songs from BarlowGirl:

  • "Mirror"
  • "Clothes"
  • "On My Own"
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Decemberadio — 'Satisfied' (2008)

The Dove Rock Album of the Year for 2009 certainly lives up to its name with twelve songs all geared toward leaving listeners, well ... Satisfied! Amazing guitars, powerful vocals and plenty of punch, whether the band is rocking your socks off or serenading you with a ballad, DecembeRadio does it with plenty of style.
Essential Songs from Satisfied:

  • "Satisfy Me"
  • "Gasoline"
  • "Love Can" 
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Skillet — 'Comatose' (2006)

The album that gave us the Dove Rock Song of the Year in 2008 was undeniably the best in the Skillet catalog. Hard-driving and passionate while still being lush and lyrically meaty, this release will wake up even the sleepiest of believers.
Essential Songs from Comatose:

  • "Looking For Angels"
  • "Rebirthing"
  • "Falling Inside The Black"
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Red — 'Innocence & Instinct' (2009)

Innocence & Instinct is so good that it won the Dove Rock Album of the Year in 2010 and was a strong follow-up to their award winning debut album.

Essential Songs from Innocence & Instinct:

  • "Shadows"
  • "Never Be The Same"
  • "Take It All Away"
  • "Fight Inside"
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DecembeRadio — 'DecembeRadio' (2006)

The Dove Rock Album of the Year for 2007 successfully mixed classic rock, old school metal, southern rock, blues and a tinge of pop to make DecembeRadio "The Band" of 2006. Their self-titled debut lacks nothing and offers a little something for everyone.

Essential Songs from DecembeRadio:

  • "Least Of These"
  • "Drifter"
  • "Live And Breathe"
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BarlowGirl — 'How Can We Be Silent' (2007)

How Can We Be Silent takes the listener on a musical journey with a consistent theme of faith. Each song reminds you that your beliefs and your Savior are worth standing up for and even fighting for.
Essential Songs from How Can We Be Silent:

  • "Million Voices"
  • "One More Round"
  • "The Guy Song"
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Third Day — 'Offerings II: All I Have to Give' (2003)

Third Day could perform "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and make it sound great so it should come as no surprise that they can perform worship songs and not lose their sound identity. Maybe it's the passion that goes part and parcel with every Third Day song that makes it work so well. Having seen them perform live, I know for a fact that it's not studio effects that make their music reach to the very core of listeners' souls ... it's the joy of what they're doing.

Essential Songs from Offerings II: All I Have to Give:

  • "Nothing Compares"
  • "Sing A Song"
  • "Creed"
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Third Day — 'Revelation' (2008)

We saw a softer, gentler side of Third Day with Wherever You Are, but don't expect a repeat with Revelation. The southern rock sound is back with a passion that can't be beat and yes, they did a few ballads that will touch your heart to the core. It's no surprise that this gem won the Dove Awards Pop Contemporary Album of the Year in 2009.
Essential Songs from Revelation:

  • "This Is Who I Am"
  • "Run To You"
  • "Take It All"
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Superchick — 'Rock What You Got' (2008)

Nobody does "grrl power" and "rock-a-tronic" like Superchick and Rock What You Got brings it in a way that is both flashy and fearless. Perfectly blending the rock guitars with the electronic looping and the plucky vocals, Superchick does indeed rock what they've got! It was no big surprise when the album got a GRAMMY nod for 2009 Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album

Essential Songs from Rock What You Got:

  • "Rock What You Got"
  • "Hey Hey"
  • "Cross The Line"
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Audio Adrenaline — 'Until My Heart Caves In' (2005)

Raw and unprocessed is a good way to describe this album. Guitarist Tyler Burkum's vocals are silky smooth and when you combine them with Mark Stuart's raspy sound you get a sound unlike any other on the market. The GRAMMY 2006 Best Rock Gospel Album will be a winner for a long time to come.
Essential Songs from Until My Heart Caves In:

  • "Undefeated"
  • "Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher And Higher"
  • "Clap Your Hands"
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