Best Christian Recipe Fellowships

For Christian Cooks, Chefs and Homemakers

These Christian recipe fellowships offer creative resources, support, and a sense of community for busy Christian homemakers, professional Christian cooks, and chefs, or just anyone who simply enjoys cooking as a hobby and wants to share recipes and culinary tips with other believers in Christ.

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Recipes for Busy Moms and Dads

Christian Recipes Fellowship
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Are you a busy Christian parent with a need for quick and easy meal ideas? Linda Larsen,'s Busy Cooks Expert will help you create delicious quick recipes, so you'll have more time for the rest of your life.

Christian Chefs Fellowship

Christian Chefs Fellowship is an international network of Christian chefs and cooks dedicated to helping members grow closer to Jesus Christ and each other through a forum community, yearly conferences, a newsletter, job listings, and much more.

Cooking & Recipes from Beliefnet offers several discussion boards for sharing traditional recipes, regional specialties, vegetarian foods, vegan, Kosher and holiday cooking. You can exchange ideas for easy meal preparation or elaborate holiday feasts. Even learn about spiritual fasts. Original recipes are welcomed but copyrighted material is not allowed.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - Food Recipes

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry has compiled the many food recipes that have been posted to their discussion boards. Typically a very heated debate community, the exchanging of food recipes has become a refreshingly neutral ground for members. The recipes are free for you to use and distribute.