Best Christian Radio Stations for Teens

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As a Christian teen you probably love your music. Today, we are all attached to our streaming services, where we can listen to everything from our favorite tunes to top Christian podcasts. Still, there are times when you just like listening to what's on the radio—either to hear upcoming artists and new songs or just an inspiring word. Here are some popular Christian radio stations you can listen to on your radio or on your computer.

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K-Love has radio stations and translators all across the U.S., meaning you can tune in almost anywhere to hear Christian music and inspirational DJs. However, the Christian radio station also provides a live, streaming broadcast so you can listen online no matter where you live.

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Air1 Radio

Most Christian teens want a great combination of modern Christian rock and faithful support from the DJs. Air1 doesn't think of itself as just a radio station, but a ministry in itself. You can either find a station close to you or even listen to the Christian radio station online via a streaming broadcast.

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Way-FM broadcasts traditionally in six U.S. states, but also offers online streaming of its Christian radio broadcasts. This way any Christian teen can listen to the wide variety of modern Christian rock.

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KLTY Texas

While you may not live in Texas to enjoy KLTY, you can enjoy the music and message via the Internet. The live, streaming audio allows Christian teens from all over the world to enjoy the family-friendly and inspirational Christian rock music

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