Guide to the Best Christian Music Festivals

There are over 25 Christian music festivals held during the summer months and with so many great artists performing and locations that go from the east coast to the west coast, it can be difficult to pick which one(s) to attend. To pick the top festivals, I narrowed it down to which ones offer you the most bang for your buck.

Alive - Mineral City, OH (mid-June)

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Since 1988, Alive has been bridging the gap between different churches and denominations throughout the U.S., offering music and fellowship to festival attendees while they celebrate, encourage each other, and rededicate their lives to Jesus.

Creation Northeast - Mount Union, PA (late June)

The nation's largest Christian music festival is held in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Since its inception in 1979, Creation Northeast has grown to offer music from 60+ Christian bands (rock, pop, worship). Multiple stages are theme based with the main stage featuring the biggest names in the genre, the fringe stage hosting harder Christian rock bands and rappers, the kid's stage offering music and entertainment for smaller children and the late night stage featuring a blend of everything. Each year, some of the most influential Christian speakers and authors are invited to speak, making the festival more than just music.

Spirit West Coast - Monterey, CA (August)

One of the largest Christian music festivals in the U.S., Spirit is actually broken down into two festivals -- Spirit West Coast Del Mar and Spirit West Coast Monterey. Both festivals feature tons of music and sports/recreation activities,  including various inflatable action games and free basketball.

Kingdom Bound - Darien Lake Theme Park, NY (August)

The Kingdom Bound Music Festival is only a small part of what Kingdom Bound Ministries entails. Through music, conferences, and partnering with local churches, in the past two decades, Kingdom Bound Ministries has reached over one million people with The Gospel!

Creation Northwest - Enumclaw, WA (August)

In 1998, Creation expanded to form the second festival, Creation Northwest, in order to bring the same level of entertainment and fellowship to Christian music fans in on the west coast that they had been offering fans in the east for many years.

Outside of the U.S.

For those who live outside of the U.S. or plan on traveling out of the country, there are some awe-inspiring festivals held yearly in other countries:

  • CreationFest - Held annually since 2002, this week-long gathering held in Wadebridge, England in August is free to attend and offers plenty of family fun. Enjoy music, Bible teaching, seminars, workshops, sports activities, film, 'The Zone' Youth Venue, 'Creation Kids' holiday club, and a huge skate / BMX park that even has Pro skate demos throughout the festival.
  • Parachute Music Festival - The longest running Christian music festival in New Zealand is one of the largest outside of the U.S. With over 100 bands on 5 stages, there is a lot of great music to love.

Best Secular Music Festivals

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