Man of God: Being a Boy in God’s World

Father having conversation with teen son
Philip and Karen Smith/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Teenage years are tough, because it’s a time when male youth walk the line between being a boy and being the man God wants them to become.  We put pressure on our boys to grow up and become these men of God when they still need guidance and an understanding of what it means to actually be a man of God.  So what does it mean to be a boy in God’s world and not fall prey to the influences of the world around them?

Guys Have Feelings, Too

One of the biggest disservices we do to guys is to tell them that real men don’t show emotion, that they need to be stoic and strong all the time.  It simply isn’t true.  Men feel deeply.  They have strong feelings that should be validated, not denied.  God gave men those emotions, and that means they’re okay to feel.  It also means that it’s okay for a young man to admit he doesn’t have it all together and that he’s struggling with things going on around him.  

Man vs. Boy

One of the things many young men struggle with is the line between being a boy seeking out how to be cool versus being a man who doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to his friends.  It’s not an easy line to walk, because even boys feel a need to be part of a group.  Men struggle with it, too, even as they grow older, but being a man of God means being able to do what is right in the eyes of God, not what other people think he should do.  Seeking out what is right is a part of growing up and living in God’s world.

Find Good Male Influences

One way to make sure we’re walking the right path is to seek out good influences.  Making good decisions isn’t easy, and too many young men think they have to do it alone.  Yet good male influences are essential in understanding God’s world.  It matters that boys find men of God to lead the way, because they learn by example.  

Give Them a Community

Community is important to our spiritual growth, and it’s no different for young men.  However, choosing the right community is important.  A good youth group can be a great way for god-fearing young men to come together, and it’s a safe place to express their spirituality.  It’s important to find a group of people that don’t adhere to this idea that one needs to be a man to be spiritual, but that one needs to be living for God.

Don’t Lump It All in Together

Stereotypes do nothing but diminish our individuality, and it’s important that we not take male stereotypes as gospel.  Not all men are raised to be chauvinists.  Not all men are dominating.  Not all men like sports.  Men of God are varied and individuals, and we need to treat them as such.  We need to encourage one another to be who we are, not who the world thinks we should be, and we need to teach young men and encourage them to live for God, not for the world.

Be Generous and Kind

Being a young man in God’s world also means exhibiting the values He offers in the Bible. This includes being generous and kind to one another.  Looking out for each other.  It takes strength to be Godly, and that strength takes time to develop.  It means there are going to be times when you make mistakes.  It’s an ongoing struggle, but being a Godly young man means always trying and doing his best.