Bedtime Prayers for Pagan Kids

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Are you one of the many Pagan parents raising kids in your spiritual tradition? Prayers are a way for us to give thanks to the gods of our pantheons, to thank the universe for getting us through another day, to count our blessings, and any other multitude of purposes. In many religions — not just Pagan belief systems — parents encourage their children to say a prayer at bedtime.

Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on saying prayers. The routine of prayer and ritual is a good way to wrap up a busy day, and if you have a kiddo who may be stressed out or anxious at bedtime, there's often a feeling of comfort and solace that comes along with a bedtime prayer. If you're looking for Pagan bedtime prayers for the children in your life, try one of these, or use them as the foundation to create one of your own, that's unique to your family's needs and beliefs.

Goddess Prayers

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Many Pagan families honor a goddess as part of their tradition. Whether yours is an all-encompassing archetype of the sacred feminine, or a specific goddess of a designated pantheon, your children can use these various simple goddess prayers at bedtime. Feel free to make adjustments or adaptations, depending on the needs and criteria of your traditions deities — and of your kids!

Simple Goddess Prayer

Mother of all things, watch over me tonight,
Hold me in your arms, until the morning light.

Prayer to the Mother Goddess

Blessed be the mother goddess, by all her many names.
May she bless my family and friends.
May she bless the animals of the world,
and all people everywhere.

Moon Prayer to Diana

Diana, goddess of the moon,
Shining in the sky above,
Bathe me in your magical light,
And protect me with your love.

Bedtime Prayer to the God

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While many Pagan families follow a tradition that is goddess-centric, still others focus on honoring the sacred masculine. If your belief system honors a god instead of (or in addition to) a goddess, try one of these three prayers honoring the god.

Bedtime Prayer Honoring the Horned God

The horned god runs in the night,
And hunts among the stars,
May he watch over and keep us safe,
No matter where we are.

Simple Prayer to the God

Lord of night, welcome me as I sleep.
Guide me in the darkness,
and protect me as I dream.

More Pagan Kids Bedtime Prayers

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Perhaps your family's beliefs and traditions are a bit more fun and casual, and less focused on deity. That's okay — they're still as legitimate as anyone else's! Try this simple (and slightly silly) prayer to say goodnight to the earth itself, or if you've got a little one with a creative and imaginative streak, try a fantasy-themed bedtime prayer.

Goodnight Earth

The earth is big and fat and round,
I love the sky, the sea and the ground,
I love the birds and dogs and sheep,
and all the animals that fall asleep,
I love the flowers and rocks and trees,
I love the earth, and it loves me.

Fantasy Bedtime Prayer for Kids

Now I lay down in my bed,
And pull the covers up to my head.
I'll dream of dragons and fairies bright,
And pixies and wizards and elves tonight.
I'll dream of some sort of magical place,

and wake with a smile upon my face.

Psalm to Gaia

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Author Dolores Stewart Riccio wrote this lovely prayer honoring Gaia, in her embodiment of the earth, and has generously allowed us to share it here.

Psalm to Gaia

The Earth is my mother, I shall not want.
She nurtures me in green pastures;
she freshens me with flowing waters.
She restores my body and awakens my soul.
Although I walk in the shadow
of changing seasons and passing time,
I will not fear death,
for the essence of life is within me,
the peace and beauty of Earth comfort me.
She teaches me to harvest her abundant gifts,
she fills my heart with compassion,
I drink from the cup of simple pleasures.
As I look to the skies with wonder
at the immensity of the universe,
I know I am blessed beyond measure
to live all the days of my life
in the bountiful house of Gaia.

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