Bebo Norman Biography

Bebo Norman
Bebo Norman (2010). BEC Recordings

Bebo Norman Biography

Columbus, Georgia is a nice town to grow up in. There are plenty of the amenities of a big city like malls, tons of restaurants, a museum, a planetarium, theater, etc. ... lots to do, lots to see. But Sunday is still Sunday in Columbus as it is in many cities in the south. God, church, and family are important to the people that call that city home. There's not much to do on Sunday's after 6:00 p.m. because most places close up early since Sunday is a time for rest and honor the Lord's day. 

This is the town that Bebo Norman grew up in. This is the type of influence he had during his formative years. Maybe that's a part of what makes him so real. The magazine covers, the performances in front of thousands of fans around the world, the adoration that blankets those in the spotlight and the awards haven't changed him. He's still the hometown boy whose songs reach out to you on a level that touches both your gut, your heart and your soul.

Bebo Norman Quote

"I love getting to do what I do, but if you really look at what Jesus did, He definitely spoke to groups of people but the vast majority of what Scripture is dedicated to is His time spent with just a handful of people and that managed to change the world."
(From Christian Music / Gospel)

Bebo Norman Quick Facts

  • While studying Biology at a South Carolina college, Bebo began playing at Young Life camps in his spare time.
  • After getting his degree he decided to take "one year off" before medical school to try his hand at music.
  • His first CD, an independent release called The Fabric of Verse, sold nearly 50,000 copies.
  • His first national release, Ten Thousand Days, debuted at #3 on the Internet Sales Chart ahead of Backstreet Boys and Sarah MacLachlan.
  • In 2003 Bebo received 7 Dove Award nominations.
  • In mid-2007, Bebo signed with BEC Recordings.
  • Bebo announced that he would retire from music at the end of 2013 and he did!

Bebo Norman Discography

  • Lights of Distant Cities, 2012 
  • Ocean, 2010 
  • Bebo Norman, September 16, 2008 
  • Christmas…From The Realms Of Glory, 2007 
  • Between The Dreaming And The Coming True, 2006 
  • Try, 2004
  • Myself When I Am Real, 2002 
  • Big Blue Sky, 2001 
  • Ten Thousand Days, 1999 
  • The Fabric of Verse, 1996

Bebo Norman - Other Albums

  • WOW Worship (Aqua), 2006
  • City On A Hill: The Gathering, 2003
  • Dove Hits 2003
  • Nichole Nordeman - Woven & Spun, 2002 
  • Essential Hits Ten: Celebrating a Decade of Wonder, 2002
  • City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia, 2002
  • Jill Phillips - God and Money, 2001
  • Benson Records - KLTY fm Presents: Celebrate Freedom Live, 1998 
  • Joy With Ed Cash And Allen Levi, 1997
  • The Awakening Compilation - Volume 1, 1996

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