A Lesson About Understanding Dis-ease

Steps to Take from Dis-ease to Ease

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Whenever faced with dis-ease or discomfort your primary concern would be to treat the physical aspect. If you don't fully understand know what you're dealing with, then getting a diagnosis is the first step. After the initial flare up has been treated and is under control then you can attempt to analyze what lesson the ailment or dis-ease is offering to teach you. Taking all the information you discover it is then up to you to make changes or alter any problematic behaviors or disruptive patterns to avoid experiencing any recurrence.

  • Determine the Diagnosis
  • Treat the Ailment/Dis-ease
  • Understanding Lesson the Illness/Injury Offers
  • Change Behavior/Pattern
  • Live Better

My Big Toe Taught Me a Lesson

At one time I was feeling some soreness surrounding the nail bed of my right toe. At first I thought it was possibly an irritation from an ingrown toenail that might be penetrating the skin causing my discomfort. I am prone to ingrown toe nails and try to keep my toenails trimmed to avoid any pain associated with this.

My Toe Had a Rash and a Fever

I trimmed my toenails and soaked both my feet in a basin of warm water and dissolved Epsom salt. Then, I coated the nail bed with iodine before going to bed to prevent any infection. In the morning a throbbing and purplish streaked swollen toe made me think I had an infection raging. My toe was warm and tender to the touch but didn't show any signs of underlying puss or liquid that would indicate an infection. My toe had a rash and a fever. I didn't know why for certain, but I began to suspect I had been bitten by either an insect or spider that had apparently been lurking in the toe of my boots.

On a spiritual level I understand what the spider was teaching me by biting my toe. It taught me to take a closer look at my lower body. My lesson was a need to focus on anchoring or grounding my body to the earth. Duh... I understand the importance of grounding. But, during that period of time my head had been in the clouds, so the reminder was timely. In the end I was grateful for the spider bite as it turned out not to be serious. My discomfort was minimal, but enough of a bother to get my attention. I got the message loud and clear -Root Your Energies- without having to experience a more painful ailment such as a broken toe or sprained ankle.

Are You Ignoring Your Body's Lower Energies?

Anytime you are experiencing an injury to your toes, feet, or ankles--even if it is as harmless as carelessly tripping over your own feet or stubbing a toe walking from the living room to the kitchen This may very well be an indication that you are ignoring your lower body and not rooting yourself well enough into the nurturing earth source that is abundantly available to everyone.

Are You Adequately Grounded?

How often have you been told that "grounding" is important? What does it mean to be ungrounded anyway? Taking the grounding quiz will offer clues as to which characteristics you have, and whether the actions you take or reactions you make are helping you to stay grounded or are actually aiding energetic retreats from your physical self.

Note: Insect and spider bites can be serious and should not be ignored. Check out About article from Vincent Iannelli, Pediatrics Expert on treatments of insect bites and stings.

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