Christianity Basics 101

Learn the Basics of the Christian Faith

Christianity Basics 101
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1) Basics to Becoming a Christian:

If you believe the Bible offers truth about the way to salvation, and you are ready to make the decision to follow Christ, these simple explanations will walk you down the road to salvation:

2) Basics to Spiritual Growth:

As a brand new believer you may be wondering where and how to get started on your journey. How do you begin maturing in the Christian faith? Here are 4 essential steps to move you forward toward spiritual growth. Though simple, they are vital to building your relationship with the Lord:

3) Basics to Selecting a Bible:

The Bible is the Christian's handbook for life. However, as a new believer, with hundreds of different Bibles to choose from, the decision may seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you select a Bible:

4) Basics to Bible Study:

One of the most important essentials in the daily life of a Christian is spending time reading God’s Word. The Bible says in Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” (NIV)

There are many ways to study the Bible. The following step by step guide makes it simple. This method, however, is just one to consider, designed specifically for beginners. Also, a Bible reading plan will help you go about your daily Bible reading in a focused and organized way:

5) Basics to Developing A Devotional Plan:

Along with Bible study, a daily time of personal devotions with God is a vital part of maturing in the Christian faith. There is no set standard of what a daily devotional time should look like. These steps will help you incorporate the basics elements of a solid devotional into the custom plan that's right for you:

6) Basics to Finding A Church:

Meeting together regularly with other believers is fundamental to spiritual growth, but finding a church can be a difficult, time consuming experience. It often takes a great deal of patient persistence, especially if you are looking for a church after moving into a new community. Here are some practical steps to remember, along with questions to ask yourself, as you pray and seek the Lord through the process of finding a church:

7) Basics to Prayer:

If you are a new believer, prayer may seem like a complicated task, but prayer is simply communicating with God. There are no right and wrong words. Prayer is talking and listening to God, praising and worshiping, and quietly meditating. Sometimes we don't know where to begin or even how to ask God for help. These prayers and Bible verses will pinpoint specific situations to help you become more effective in your prayers:

8) Basics to Baptism:

Christian denominations differ widely on their teachings about baptism. Some believe baptism accomplishes the washing away of sin. Others consider baptism a form of exorcism from evil spirits. Still other groups teach that baptism is an important step of obedience in the believer’s life, yet only an acknowledgement of the salvation experience already accomplished. The following explanation takes a look at the latter perspective called "Believer's Baptism:"

9) Basics to Communion:

Unlike Baptism, which is a one time event, Communion is a practice that is meant to be observed over and over throughout the life of a Christian. It is a holy time of worship when we corporately come together as one body to remember and celebrate what Christ did for us. Learn more about the observance of Communion:

10) Basics to Avoid Temptation and Backsliding:

The Christian life is not always an easy road. Sometimes we get off track. The Bible says to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ daily so that no one turns away from the living God. If you have found yourself backsliding, dealing with temptation or drifting away from the Lord, these practical steps will help get you back on course today:

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