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BarlowGirl may have retired from Christian music in 2012 after nine years, but their music (and our love of it) lives on. Learn more about the sisters that rocked and helped open doors for other Christian female-fronted bands from their biography.

Band Members

Rebecca Barlow (guitar, background vocals) - birthday November 24, 1979
Alyssa Barlow (bass, keyboards, vocals) - birthday January 4, 1982
Lauren Barlow (drums, vocals) - birthday July 29, 1985


Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren Barlow were best known to the world collectively as BarlowGirl. The three sisters from Elgin, Illinois lived together, worked together, traveled the world together, worshiped together, and made incredible music together. The family "business" did not just cover the three girls either ... their mom and dad were both very involved in their career, taking to the road with the sisters on every tour (and their father, Vince, even managed the band).

For these young women, it was never just about being on stage and entertaining. They stood firm in their beliefs, and they were always open enough to admit they were not perfect. The sister shared their struggles transparently in order to grow. God was (and still is) in every aspect of their lives ... the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. Lauren Barlow once explained, saying, "God is using three normal girls from Elgin, Illinois, who have nothing to offer apart from Christ. We were all ready to go do our own thing, and He called us and turned us around and said, 'I have something for you to tell the world.'"

Important Dates

  • Signed October 14, 2003, to Fervent Records
  • Debut album released February 24, 2004
  • Retired from Christian music in 2012 (They made the announcement in October 2012)


  • "Hope Will Lead Us On," 2012 - Final Single 
  • Our Journey...So Far, 2010 
  • Love & War, September 8, 2009 
  • Home For Christmas, 2008 
  • How Can We Be Silent 
  • Another Journal Entry 
  • Barlow Girl 

Starter Songs

  • "Never Alone"
  • "Let Go" 
  • "Enough"
  • "Million Voices"
  • "Stay With Me" 

BarlowGirl Official Music Videos

  • "Hallelujah (Light Has Come)" - Watch
  • "Beautiful Ending" - Watch 
  • "I Need You To Love Me" - Watch
  • "Grey" - Watch 

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