August Burns Red

August Burns Red 2013
August Burns Red 2013. Solid State Records

August Burns Red Formed

2003 in Lancaster, PA. Their Solid State Records debut came out in 2005.

August Burns Red Lineup

  • Jake Luhrs (Vocals)
  • JB Brubaker (Guitar)
  • Brent Rambler (Guitar)
  • Dustin Davidson (Bass)
  • Matt Greiner (Drums)

Former Members

  • Jon Hershey (Vocals)
  • Jordan Tuscan (Bass - left in 2005)

August Burns Red Biography - The Early Days

August Burns Red came together while some of the members were still in high school. The band recorded a demo and followed that up with their first EP, Looks Fragile After All in 2004 with indie label CI Records.

It is said that their name came from a sad story about former lead singer Jon Hershey's ex-girlfriend, "August," setting fire to his dog house, while his dog "Red" was in it. The often told story ends with the newspaper headlines reading "August Burns Red" and the band taking their name from there. However, searches of newspaper archives from Lancaster, PA from 1989 to 2005 do not show that any such article was written and the whisper is, of course, that the story came from the band member's imaginations because it was more outlandish than what really happened.  

August Burns Red - The Debut

After signing with Solid State Records, the band's debut album made small waves in the metalcore scene and led to high expectations for the young band. The band's 2007 sophomore release fulfilled those expectations, debuting at #81 on the Billboard charts and selling more than 80,000 copies.

The momentum created led the band to get spots on the Warped Tour, the Take Action tour and a tour of 12 countries throughout the UK and Europe. They also saw their "Carol of the Bells" (Purchase/Download) on the movie trailer for "The Spirit."

August Burns Red Discography

  • Found In Far Away Places, June 30, 2015
  • Rescue & Restore, 2013 
  • Sleddin' Hill, A Holiday Album, 2012
  • Leveler, July 7, 2011
  • Home, Live CD/DVD, 2010 
  • Constellations, 2009 
  • Lost Messengers: The Outtakes EP, 2009 
  • Messengers, 2007 
  • Thrill Seeker, 2005 
  • Looks Fragile After All EP, 2004 (CI Records) 
  • Demo, 2004 (Indie)

August Burns Red Starter Songs

  • "Accidental Shot Heard 'Round the World" 
  • "Composure" 
  • "Black Sheep"
  • "Barbarian" 
  • "The Blinding Light" 

August Burns Red News

  • August Burns Red has their own Smartphone app
  • August Burns Red on the Vans Warped Tour 2015
  • August Burns Red Nominated as one of the "Best Christian Metal/Hardcore Band's of 2012 in the Readers' Choice Awards
  • August Burns Red Get Dove Nod for Rock Album of the Year (2010)
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