Archangels of the 4 Elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth

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Those who celebrate the existence and power of heavenly angels believe that God assigned four of his archangels to be in charge of the four elements in nature—air, fire, water, and earth. It is believed that these archangels, through their particular skills, can help us direct our energy to create balance in different aspects of our lives. For casual enthusiasts of angel study, these archangels represent a fun way in which to seek guidance in our lives, while for the devoutly religious or for serious New Age practitioners, the archangels are quite real entities that interact with us in tangible ways. Some believers, for example, believe that the angels converse with us through the various colors of light rays sent from heaven. Whether your level of belief is recreational or literal, these four important archangels serve to represent the four essential earth energies in our lives. 

Raphael: Air

Archangel Raphael represents the element of air in nature. Raphael specializes in helping with healing body, mind, and spirit. Some practical "airy" ways Raphael can help you include: helping you break free from unhealthy burdens that are blocking your progress in life, inspiring you to lift your soul toward God to discover how to live in healthy ways, and empowering you to soar toward accomplishing God's purposes for you.

Michael: Fire

Archangel Michael represents the element of fire in nature. Michael specializes in helping with truth and courage. Some practical "fiery" ways Michael can help you include: awakening you to pursue spiritual truth, urging you to burn away sins in your life and seek holiness that will purify your soul, and sparking your courage to take the risks God wants you to take to become a stronger person and help make the world a better place.

Gabriel: Water

Archangel Gabriel represents the flowing element of water in nature. Gabriel specializes in helping with understanding God's messages. Some practical ways Gabriel can help you include: inspiring you to reflect on your thoughts and emotions so you can learn spiritual lessons from them, teaching you how to be more receptive to God's messages (both waking life and dreams), and helping you interpret the meaning of how God is communicating with you.

Uriel: Earth

Archangel Uriel represents the solid element of earth in nature. Uriel specializes in helping with knowledge and wisdom. Some practical "earthy" ways Uriel can help you include: grounding you in the solid reliability of knowledge and wisdom that comes from God (rather than other sources that are unreliable) and how to bring stability to situations in your life so you can prosper as God intends.


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