A Guide to the Archangel Michael's Ability to Protect from Nightmares

The 20th century painting “The Sleeper” by Judson Huss. Photo by De Agostini/G. Dagli Orti, Getty Images

Nightmares can leave you feeling frightened and discouraged. If you allow these negative feelings to take over and undermine your trust in God, nightmares can even weaken your faith. Some nightmares are nothing more than your mind processing troubling information, while other nightmares contain warnings from God or holy angels to bring important issues to your attention. Demons, or fallen angels, sometimes communicate through nightmares for evil purposes, such as to cause fear, anger, doubt, or sorrow. In fact, the word "nightmare" comes from the Old English word "mare," which refers to an evil spirit thought to trouble people while they slept.

Archangel Michael, who leads the angelic forces for good in spiritual warfare, can help protect you from bad dreams that are caused by evil. To stop these nightmares, you must pray for his help.

Record What You Remember

Once you wake up from a nightmare, reflect on the experience and record whatever details you can recall about it. You may choose to write in a dream journal, speak into an audio recorder, or type the information into a computer file. It's important to have as many details as possible available to help you accurately interpret your nightmare. Be sure to make a note of how you felt emotionally when you woke up, too, since this will help you interpret the nightmare's message. Also note any particular information from the nightmare itself (such as images or sounds).

Ask Michael to Help You Understand What It Means

To find out what your nightmare really means, you must pray to Archangel Michael for help. Ask Michael to give you the wisdom to fully understand the message or messages hidden your nightmare. If certain people, places, or objects stood out in your dream, they may have symbolic meanings. Michael can reveal what those symbols (such as certain colors or numbers) mean in the context of the nightmare you experienced. You'll likely hear from Michael through clear thoughts in your mind that easily capture your attention, since his communication style is direct and bold.

Respond with Faith, Not Fear

Once you have an insight into the nightmare's meaning, be sure to thank Michael for the clarity he has given you. Once you've done that, ask Michael how God wants you to respond to the nightmare. Don't hesitate to ask Michael to give you the comfort and encouragement you need to overcome the fear your nightmare has caused in your soul. Keep in mind that, as tough as Michael is, he is also full of love—and he will be glad to give you all the reassurance you need that God is on your side and that you will be victorious over evil.

Fear is the opposite of faith, so it is spiritually dangerous. It's vital that you fight against fear during spiritual attacks. Ask Michael to remind you of the many reasons why you can always trust God in any situation.

Plan and Carry Out Wise Battle Strategies

Michael is the ultimate angelic expert at winning spiritual battles. He will give you the best advice about how you can fight the demons who are targeting you, and he will also enlist other angels—such as guardian angels—to help you in the battle.

Sometimes spiritual attacks take place in people's lives after they've opened doors to sin and distanced themselves from God, making themselves more vulnerable to evil. If you find yourself in these circumstances, you should humble yourself through prayer and ask God and Michael to teach you which mistakes you have made that caused you to become vulnerable to attacks from the evil side of the spiritual realm. Be open to learning how you may have sinned through what you've said or done. Confess any specific sins that come to mind, and repent of them by turning away from the sins and turning toward God as you move forward with your life. Ask Michael to empower you every step of the way, and he will respond by sending you the spiritual strength you need to overcome sin, break free of evil, and move closer to God.

Spiritual attacks can also happen when people are at crucial decision points in their spiritual journeys—times when they are considering whether or not to take the risks necessary to go where God is leading them. In this case, demons may attack you through nightmares to discourage you from doing something that God wants you to do. Consider the decisions you're facing right now, and how your nightmare may have created doubts in your mind about your ability to do what God is asking of you. Then ask Michael to give you the faith and courage you need to move forward in God's will. Michael is especially concerned about making sure that God's will is done on Earth. You can always count on his help wherever God leads you.

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