Angie's Escape from the Enemy

Christian Testimony About Tarot Cards

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Angie thought a free Tarot card reading would be a fun way to pass the afternoon. What she didn't realize was that this one act would change her life forever. Within one month, Angie was hooked and began to study everything she could get her hands on regarding the occult, Tarot, Spiritism, and witchcraft, eventually becoming a powerful witch. If you don't believe that evil forces are real, read about Angie's dramatic escape from the enemy.

Angie's Escape from the Enemy

All it took was one Tarot card reading and my life changed forever.

I was raised in a loving Christian household. I attended church with my mother every time the doors were open. I believed that Jesus was Lord and the Bible was the Word of God, but I never had a personal relationship with the Lord. I guess you could say I was just going through the motions.

I grew up, moved out, and got married. Since I didn't have a one-on-one relationship with God, I soon stopped going to church. I wasn't being wild and crazy, I just simply put God on the back burner and only thought of him every once in a while. Although I still believed in Him, I did nothing with that knowledge.

Free Tarot Card Reading

One afternoon, a girlfriend and I went to a bookstore. Off in the corner sat a young woman giving free Tarot card readings. My girlfriend, Amy, thought it might be fun and decided to get a reading. Then it was my turn.

I didn't believe in Tarot cards and I knew in my heart that messing around with such things was a bad idea. But, we thought we were just having fun. It was just some weird looking cards and a strangely dressed woman with way too much makeup on. We laughed at the whole thing and went home.

Within a month, I was completely hooked. Every chance I had, I was at the library reading everything I could find about Tarot and Spiritism. Then I started going to occult bookstores, devouring everything I could get my hands on.

That's when I met Corrine and Ron. Corrine owned an occult shop called Lady Sprites Cupboard, and not only did she sell New Age books and occult supplies, she taught Wicca 101 classes. Amy and I quickly enrolled and witchcraft completely consumed our lives. I kept going deeper and deeper.

A Power Trip

To be honest, it's a total power trip and I believe that's what draws so many people in the first place. Magick, as it is often spelled in the Pagan community, is very real. If it wasn't, no one would bother. The best way I can describe the feeling of casting circles and throwing magic is like being on steroids. I know that must sound strange, but that's the only way I can explain it: power, power, power.

I trained day and night in the magical arts, studying herbs, rocks, raising power, elements, divination and mythology. During this time, it was constantly drilled in my head that there is no hell and the devil is made up by Christians trying to stop pagans from worshiping the horned god. I bought the whole package.

Seeing is Believing

When you are not serving God, you don't have the mind of Christ and the enemy can mess with you and make you see whatever he wants you to see. Just as soon as I would say, "Oh, I don't believe that," I would see it. God is the God of faith—first you believe it, then you see it. But Satan is the god of sight—first you see it, then you believe it.

I was convinced that Jesus was not the Son of God, but that he was the son of one of the gods.

I trained hard, gained status as a powerful witch, and was very involved in the Pagan community. I began teaching innocent people the very lies I came to believe with all my heart. I went to people's homes and showed them how to "spiritually cleanse" their houses. Now I know I was inviting demons in to cause even more confusion to these poor people.

I wrote spells for others and began teaching young witchlings the "old ways." I gave Tarot card readings to broken-hearted people who wanted to talk to their dead loved ones. Eventually, I didn't hide my religion from anyone.

If you came into my house, you knew I was a witch. I wore a huge pent around my neck and often praised the goddess out loud to anyone who would listen. I converted a spare room into my own private temple. I even began to write my own Wicca 101 book. But, before I could finish the book, I had an encounter that still stirs me nine years later!

Removing the Veil

One day, while in my living room on the phone with my Christian mother, I was proudly professing that I was a witch and that she needed to accept it. She yelled, "You know better!" Then, she began to pray for me and plead the blood of Jesus over my life.

I kept thinking, give me a break lady. Then, all of a sudden, this wonderful warmth came over me and I couldn't move. I was frozen. The Gaia statue I had on my entertainment center began to glow red. Colorful orb like things were flying around the room and one of my so-called "dead relatives" was screaming at me to hang up the phone.

I know it sounds insane, but this is what happened. Suddenly, it felt like there was a hand pulling at the back of my head as a veil was slowly being pulled off my face. My feet felt on fire, and when I looked at them, I noticed that everything appeared brighter.

A Total Lie

As the veil slid back, what was uncovered shone bright. I can't explain it any better, but by the time this veil was pulled past my eyes, I knew that I knew Jesus is Lord. In an instant I knew my life as a witch was a total lie and I had been completely deceived by the devil.

I was terrified. Dozens of sights and sounds were coming at me all at once. I was ready to take a header out the window, I was so afraid. I heard my mom say, "Call on the name of Jesus. Just call on his name, Angie."

As crazy as this sounds, I was too frightened to do it. I felt like I had messed up so badly, that if I asked the Lord for forgiveness, He would kill me so I wouldn't mess up again.

Finally, I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Jesus, I'm sorry!"

The dead relative changed before my eyes into what it really was—a demon. And that stupid Gaia statue was now growling at me. Yes! I was freaking out!

I called on the name of Jesus again, and every thing stopped. No more colorful orbs, no growling Gaia, and no demon.

Escape from the Enemy

The room was filled with a peace that I cannot describe. I hung up the phone, grabbed the statue, and literally, chucked it out the door. Then I laid on the floor, face down, and repented for everything I had done. Every spell, every Tarot card reading, every person I mislead.

I felt 20 pounds lighter, and for the first time in my life, I was headed in the right direction. That was the day I was truly born—October 6, 1999. And it's been an amazing journey. The Lord keeps taking me higher and higher.

My testimony is not only about the amazing grace and love of our holy God, but also about the subtle way the enemy of our souls can take over our lives and make us his captive. I allowed the devil to come in. I opened the door through a simple Tarot card reading. And this is what I tell people as often as I can: There is a reason why God's Word tells us not to give the devil a foothold.

Divination of any form—Tarot, water wishing, tea leaves, scrying, psychic readings, etc.—is all part of a deceptive tool the devil uses to destroy our lives. Wicca is just Satanism in a pretty package.

I pray my words will help at least one person shut the door on the devil. If you have played around with any of this, please repent to the Lord, walk away, and stay away from it. This is the only way to escape from the enemy. Learn from my mistakes. Yes, God saved me in an instant, but it took a while to clear my head of all the mess I spent filling it with for years.

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