The Angels on the Kabbalah Tree of Life

Digital illustration of the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

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The Tree of Life in mystical Judaism, called Kabbalah (sometimes spelled "Qabala"), illustrates how God the Creator, expresses his creative energy throughout the universe, through angels and on to human beings. Each of the tree's branches (called "sephirot") symbolize a particular type of creative force that a different Archangel oversees. By focusing on the different energies one by one, people can develop a closer spiritual union with God, believers say.

The Crown

Kether (the Crown) features Archangel Metatron. As the angel of life, Metatron is at the top of the tree, directing God's living energy throughout the universe God has created. Metatron connects human beings living on earth with the divine energy of God and helps people incorporate that sacred energy into their lives. Metatron also brings spiritual balance ​to all of the different yet interconnected parts of God's creation and helps people achieve spiritual enlightenment.


Chokmah (wisdom) features Archangel Raziel. As the angel of mysteries, Raziel reveals divine mysteries to people that help them become wiser. By showing people how to incorporate their knowledge into their lives in practical ways, through Raziel's guidance. Raziel helps people reach their full potential, according to God's good purposes for their lives.


Binah (understanding) features Archangel Tzaphkiel. As the angel of compassionate understanding, Tzaphkiel leads the angels who send the spiritual energy of understanding to people. Tzaphkiel helps people learn more about God, sends them insights about themselves as God's beloved children, and guides them to make decisions in their daily lives that reflect that core identity.


Chesed (mercy) features Archangel Zadkiel. As the angel of mercy, Zadkiel and the angels he supervises send the energy of God's mercy throughout the universe. That involves inspiring people to be kind to others because God is kind to them. It also includes giving people peace when they pray so they can be confident that God will answer their prayers according to what's truly best.


Geburah (strength) features Archangel Chamuel. As the angel of peaceful relationships, Chamuel exercises tough love to strengthen relationships so that people can experience peace -- within themselves, with each other, and with God. Chamuel and the angels he oversees test people's beliefs and motivations. In the process, they purify them to help people develop stronger relationships with God.


Tiphareth (beauty) features Archangels Michael and Raphael (working together). This angelic team joins extremely powerful forces: Michael is God's top angel, and Raphael is the leading angel of healing. As they express the divine energy of beauty, they help people tap into a higher level of consciousness.


Netzach (eternity) features Archangel Haniel. As the angel of joy, Haniel expresses God's eternal energy by helping people rely on God (who is eternally reliable) rather than on their changing emotions, and by enlightening people with insights that can bring them joy in any circumstances.


Hod (glory) features Archangels Michael and Raphael (working together). Just as they partner to express the divine energy of beauty, Michael and Raphael join forces to express God's glory, because that glory is beautiful. Together, these great archangels fight sin to make sure that the splendor of God's perfect design for creation wins out over sin that tries to corrupt that glorious design. Michael and Raphael also help people discover and fulfill God's glorious will for their lives.

The Foundation

Yesod (the foundation) features Archangel Gabriel. As the angel of revelation, Gabriel is a master communicator, so God has assigned Gabriel to be in charge of the tree's foundation. In that role, Gabriel connects people to God through messages of faith and helps people rely on their faith in God to make transitions in life.

The Kingdom

Malkuth (the kingdom) features Archangel Sandalphon. As the angel of music and prayer, Sandalphon sends messages back and forth between God and human beings in God's kingdom. Sandalphon's efforts are designed to keep the divine energy flowing freely, nurturing all parts of God's kingdom.

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