How to Work with Angels to Overcome a Food Addiction

Angel Healing to Recover from an Overeating Disorder

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Angels won't take a candy bar out of your hands, but they will change your mind about your relationship with food so you can recover from a food addiction. Anthony Lee/Getty Images

Angels can empower you to overcome an addiction to food. While they won't take macaroni and cheese out of your mouth or stop you from picking up one more brownie, they will change your mind about your relationship with food so you can recover from an overeating disorder. Here's how to tap into angel healing to overcome a food addiction:

Ask Your Guardian Angel to Help You Figure Out Why You're Overeating

Out of all the different types of addictions you can have, a food addiction is especially tempting to ignore, because it can seem like it's not actually a problem. Food is good, after all -- it's something your body needs on a regular basis. But beware. Eating too much food, compulsively, means that your appetite is controlling you rather than you controlling it.

“Since food is necessary to life, and it’s legally and socially sanctioned, people who struggle with overeating often struggle more than someone battling other addictions," writes Doreen Virtue in her book Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind with the Help of the Angels.

Although it's easy to miss the fact that you're dealing with an addiction if you have a habit of overeating, your guardian angel can bring the truth to your attention. The angel whom God has assigned to care especially for you throughout your earthly lifetime is the closest angel to you. Your guardian angel's constant presence with you gives him or her a front row seat from which to observe your eating habits. Your guardian angel will give you an accurate perspective when you ask for guidance through prayer or meditation. Then you’ll be able to see exactly how you’re addicted to food (what you’re eating too much of, and when).

The angel who watches over you will also answer your questions about the reasons why you’re addicted to food. What triggers you to eat more than you should? If you’re still eating after you’ve met your body’s physical needs for nourishment, you’re likely consuming the extra food for emotional reasons. Your guardian angel can point out the specific emotions that fuel your addiction. Are you eating because you’re bored? Have you been turning to food to comfort yourself during stress? Has food been your companion when you’re lonely?

Be alert to the possibility of receiving messages from your guardian angel in a variety of different ways, from hearing words or seeing images in your mind when you’re awake, to experiencing communication in your dreams while you’re sleeping.

Face the Reality of How Your Food Addiction is Harming You

Honestly acknowledge that overeating is causing problems in your life, from your health to your relationships.

Jo Therese Fahres writes in her book Thinning with the Angels: A Journey of Adversity to New Life that she turned to angels for healing when she was obese due to overeating, and her doctor told her that she could die if she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight. “I needed to get rid of the hurt, frustration, anger, and junk that were clogging my heart so I could ask to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit," she writes. "My angels helped me to do that. I was asking them to help me feel so that I could heal.”

Not only does overeating harm your health, it also harms your relationships with God and other people. Eileen Elias Freeman writes in her book The Angels' Little Diet Book: Heavenly Hints to Help You Fight Fat! that, “Taken to extremes, indulging in a passion for ice cream or sushi or even fat-free cookies can be tantamount to idolatry, especially if food blinds us to the needs of others. The good news is that we can achieve our earthly goal if we will set our minds on heavenly goals and let our spirits lead our bodies.”

Ask for Help from Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, and Other Angels

Ask God and his angelic messengers to hold you accountable to change moving forward, and to support you throughout your healing journey. You have to invite them to help you, since they won't get involved without an invitation because they respect your free will.

Two especially powerful angels to call on to recover from food addiction are Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. This dynamic duo can help you overcome the emotional pain that is causing your physical disorder. They often work together to relieve pain in ways that bring about healing to your entire system: body, mind, and spirit.

“I called on the angels, especially Michael and Raphael, to help me," Fahres recalls in Thinning with the Angels. "… I needed Michael to protect me from myself. I needed him to show me that fear never accomplishes anything and that fear is the primary weapon the evil one uses to keep us from being the best we can be for God. I needed Raphael to be my healer and companion.”

Archangel Jophiel is another valuable ally to have as you recover from a food addiction. Jophiel specializes in transforming thoughts, so she can empower you to change the way you think about food. Ask Jophiel to replace whatever unhealthy thoughts are contributing to your addiction with healthy thoughts that help you understand eating from God's perspective.

Incorporate Angelic Guidance Into Your Life

Do whatever you sense God and the angels urging you to do to take healing steps. Stop buying the foods to which you've become addicted. Replace your trigger foods with healthy foods that taste good to you, and give yourself at least three weeks to adjust to eating a new diet (since it takes 21 days to build new neural pathways in your brain for a new habit). Start eating your snacks and meals with other people so you won't be tempted to overeat when you're by yourself. When you feel emotions that had previously tempted you to eat compulsively, deal with those emotions according to the angelic guidance you receive. Be patient with yourself and carefully learn whatever lessons the angels teach you through the process.

Freeman writes in The Angels' Little Diet Book that changing her food addiction was a gradual process: “So how did I finally ‘see the light’? Was there a revelation from heaven? Did my guardian angel Enniss appear before me holding a bunch of raw carrots in his hand? Well, no, not exactly. … I worked hard at controlling my calorie intake. But just as important, I listened – to God, to my angels, to scientific wisdom on obesity, to the testimony of the word of God, to the language of my own body, and to the needs of my heart.”

The angels will help you recover from a food addiction gradually, coordinating their efforts through your guardian angel. Eventually, you'll be able to control your appetite and enjoy food as God designed it to be -- simply as a gift to nourish you day by day.

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